Former ‘Tiger King’ Employee Talks Joe Exotic, Big Cats & More in Reddit AMA

A former employee of Joe Exotic is opening up about the zookeeper who was brought to fame in Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries.

While remaining anonymous, the former employee answered a ton of questions that fans had about Joe, his husbands, working closely with the big cats, and with PETA, too.

“I stayed with Joe for nearly 5 years and in that time I learned a lot of good and bad about the animal industry,” the employee wrote. “I met some wonderful people and some terrible people. I even have been engaged to twice to previous employees of the park. One I am happily married to and the other whom took her own life.”

He added that he was “one of the lucky ones to get away from this lifestyle and have managed to be happy in the aftermath of Joe Exotic, many others have not been as fortunate.”

The former employee did answer about the truth to the documentary.

“I think the overall story arch was pretty accurate and the basis behind each person was done properly. Joe really did have multiple husbands, Doc is a pervert version of Hugh Hefner, and Jeff is a player. But there was some evens that I do not think they captured properly such as the first or how they portrayed Joe as an Actor in front of the camera for the purpose of being in front of the camera.

He continued, “I would say that two of the people that chose to be in the documentary portrayed their stories fairly accurately, but the majority of those involved were mostly looking to increase the drama for their 15 minutes of fame.”

Check out more highlights in the gallery below, and read his full Reddit AMA now!

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