Gavin Leatherwood Reveals Who He Thinks Is Better For Sabrina – Nick or Harvey

Gavin Leatherwood is dishing on the love triangle in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

The 25-year-old actor opened up about which guy he thinks is the best for Sabrina.

“I think Harvey is safe,” he told TV Guide.

“I think he’s a safe choice. He doesn’t come from the witch world. He’s got him and his dad and their cute house and they probably make vats of chili each night and enjoy it together and sit down and have dinner. And that’s all well and good, but Nick’s understanding of the witch world is just so important and integral to Sabrina’s evolution,” he continued.

Gavin added that Nick and Sabrina’s relationship is “a bit more unpredictable and wild” than her and Harvey’s.

“And there’s a sort of explosive energy between them at times, which like [in] every great relationship there is,” he added, “noting that Nick and Sabrina are also more likely to fight for each other more than Harvey and Sabrina, who didn’t make too much of a fuss after splitting in ‘A Midwinter’s Tale.’”

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