Geddy Lee Reflects On Neil Peart Becoming Rush’s Primary Lyricist

Geddy Lee explained in a recent interview how Neil Peart became the primary lyricist for Rush.

In an interview for Rolling Stone‘s digital cover story on the late drummer’s life and music, the Rush frontman recalled four decades of close collaboration with Peart.

Peart joined Rush in 1974, and within a short time Lee and the Canadian rock band’s guitarist Alex Lifeson entrusted him with lyric-writing duties.

Lee said that it wasn’t Peart’s idea to write the lyrics, adding, “Alex and I sort of said, ‘Make him do it. He reads a lot of books. Let him do it.'”

“When they first started coming along, I think the first one he wrote was ‘Beneath, Between and Behind.’ And then when he wrote the lyrics for ‘Anthem,’ they were a little more intense, and a little more about things that I would say were not second-nature to our thinking, at least expressed in that way, like some of the lyrics you just quoted, ‘begging hands and bleeding hearts,'” Lee added.

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