Gordon Ramsay hits back at 'pathetic' criticism after laying off staff

Gordon Ramsay has hit back at ‘pathetic’ critics who have slammed the chef amid massive lay-offs during the coronavirus crisis.

Taking to his Twitter on Friday, Gordon – who is thought to be worth around £140million – responded to criticism levelled at multi-millionaires.

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He responded to a message on social media: ‘You’ve clearly have never run a business, and yet across these very difficult times for all,you hide behind your pathetic tweets, get a grip will you !!!

‘Cheap shots again and again from a bitter egotistical critic yawn ! [sic]’

He was responding to a Tweet from journalist Marina O’Loughlin, who had tweeted: ‘Yet again, a day when multi-millionaires won’t put hands in pockets while the little guys doing everything they can for their staff.’

In the thread, the chef was mentioned by name.

A follow-up tweet from the celebrity chef saw Gordon ask Marina ‘ever thought about giving back across these difficult times?’ as he added: ‘I’ve done nothing BUT put my hands in my pockets for years !’

Reports claimed the Hell’s Kitchen star – who brushed off the drama with a TikTok video this week – was forced to briefly shut down a number of his restaurants due to the coronavirus crisis, after new measures were put in place ordering pubs and restaurants to close amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

It’s claimed Gordon, 53, summoned his staff to a meeting where they learned their contracts would be terminated and it hasn’t been guaranteed that the staff affected would retain their jobs when the lockdown restrictions lift.

They were later sent an email explaining they would be paid up to 17 April, giving them the option to appeal the decision.

After the dad-of-five failed to guarantee they would retain their jobs he faced backlash from those he’s had to let go with chef Anca Toropu blasting his decision.

Amid the palaver, chef de partie Anca-Cosmina Toropu claimed staff members also haven’t heard a word from Gordon since they were let go.

‘We had a meeting on Friday in Heddon Street Kitchen where they’ve told us that our contracts [were] terminated,’ she told Metro.co.uk. ‘People were sad and disappointed. Gordon was not there.’

Under the government’s strict new lockdown measures all UK restaurants have been forced to close until further notice to encourage people to stay at home.

However, under Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s economic plan, the government have vowed to pay 80% of wages for workers that would otherwise lose their jobs during this international crisis.

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