Gucci Mane’s Artist Foogiano Lashes Out After Being Blamed for Fatal Concert Shooting

The rapper, known for his collaboration with Gucci titled ‘Ballin on a B***h’, claims he wasn’t at fault after shooting erupted at a nightclub in South Carolina over the Fourth of July weekend.

AceShowbizGucci Mane‘s protege Foogiano has spoken up after reports emerged of a shooting at a South Carolina club that involved him. Taking to his Instagram page on Monday, July 6, he dispelled rumors that he caused the ruckus.

“Y’all seen videos so what happened happened but that s**t ain’t my fault. I don’t promote violence,” he said in a three-minute video, denying responsibility for the incident. Sending his message of sympathy to one of the victims, he added, “My biggest condolences to that girl and her family. I talked to her baby daddy and told him. Anybody that knows him, get in touch with him.”

Foogiano also lashed out at those who blamed him for the violent act, denying that he was hiding after the incident. “Y’all on here tryna bash me like I’m just a savage a** killer or something. Like I just killed this girl,” he stated. “One, I’ve talked to her baby daddy. He called me. We got a good understanding. There was no hiding, feel me? I did not leave. I stayed in South Carolina the same night, you feel me? I talked to everybody that I needed to talk to. Stop bashing me like I’m just out here shooting people.”

Foogiano, whose real name is Kwame Brown, was performing at the Lavish Lounge nightclub in Greenville to mark his 27th birthday when shooting erupted on early Sunday, July 5. Two people were killed and eight others were injured in the incident.

Reports suggest the violence erupted after someone attempted to steal a chain from the birthday boy, whose entourage apparently clashed with members of the crowd as they threw up different gang signs, according to the local Greenville News. Video footage shared on social media appears to show someone onstage aiming a gun at the audience and firing the weapon numerous times.

While Foogiano himself is not thought to be responsible, the Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said they believe it’s Foogiano’s affiliates that the ones behind the shooting. “From watching some of the video footage from in there, most of it may be from, maybe some of his staff,” the sheriff said on Sunday. “I wouldn’t call them followers. They were probably traveling with him, but I don’t think he was directly involved.”

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