Gwyneth Paltrow tried to shill some overpriced clothes during the pandemic

The entertainment industry is in shambles because of the coronavirus, and everything is being closed, suspended or cancelled. People are worried about their paychecks, how they’ll stay home with their kids, if they’ll be able to get a test if they think they have the virus. But what of the Instagram influencers, no one asks. What about these poor, talentless, laxative-shilling, spon-con pushers out there? What about THEIR income? So it is with Gwyneth Paltrow, who chose an international pandemic as the moment to shill her Goop-branded G.Label gear on Instagram. She later deleted the Insta.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her fancy Goop brand are under fire after hawking a pricey designer outfit amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Oscar winner posed in a simple white shirt, khaki skirt and sneakers for a since-deleted post on her Goop Instagram page on Friday, with the caption: “Most days you’ll find GP wearing G.Label with a pair of sneakers—which is one reason we make it an annual tradition to put together a fresh sneaker guide each year. Get ready to cover some serious ground (run, don’t walk).”

Her fervent followers, however, were less than happy as soon as the post went up, with one writing, “I think it’s irresponsible to post this as a world-wide pandemic is going on. You have a great platform around health. Now would be the time to expand on it.”

Another said, “Come on goop, when you said GP, I thought at first you were referring to Dr. Please use your platform in a more sensitive way … I really don’t think it’s the time to think about buying trainers when people are struggling to buy day to day supplies. We don’t want doom and gloom, but maybe a post on boosting your immune system, staying healthy etc…”

Paltrow’s outfit was comprised of a G. Label “Alexander” slit trouser skirt costing $450, and Alexandre Berman’s “Clarita” sneakers at $425. Among the 145 comments on the post, another added: “We’re in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, y’all really think anyone’s gonna buy an ugly a–s $450 skirt?”

Some called the message “tone-deaf” and “irresponsible” as one said: “Who would buy any clothing items now? Only making the rich richer.”

The post did follow a Goop Instagram post on staying healthy amid the global crisis, which only served to make the brand even more out of touch as another follower wrote: “What is this BS!” accusing Goop of trying to sell “$500 trainers that to be honest my 94-year-old grandmother wouldn’t wear.”

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I’m not trying to be some kind of late-stage capitalist contrarian right now, but I don’t see a difference between what Gwyneth did versus what most major clothing companies are doing right now, which is sending out sale-emails and trying to tempt quarantined or self-isolating home-bound people to buy sh-t while they’re bored. I’ve gotten a dozen emails from Amazon, Land’s End, LL Bean, Old Navy, etc just in the past few days, all of which are offering “free shipping” or “30% off” or “maybe we can tempt you with THIS!” That being said, yes, of course it’s in bad form. Because Gwyneth pretends to be something more than just Goop-branded merch. She’s also a snake-oil saleswoman who profiteers on bad science, pseudomedicine and jade vagina eggs. You would think this would be her moment to shine and shill for some hokey corona “cures.” When you think of it that way, I’m actually glad she’s only posting sh-t about clothes.

And sh-t, this G.Label stuff is FUG.

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