Inanna Sarkis & Matthew Noszka Find Out Their Baby’s Gender

Inanna Sarkis and Matthew Noszka are expecting their first baby and now, they know if they’re having a boy or a girl!

The cute couple had a gender reveal party, and the way they revealed the gender was something very different than many others.

“I’m not quite sure, I don’t have a preference. I just want a healthy baby,” Matthew said in the video.

The couple hopped into an Aston Martin car, with Matthew in the driver’s seat, and did a little burn out to reveal the pink or blue powder.

When the pink powder was revealed, Inanna freaked out with excitement, and they both got emotional, with Matthew tearing up.

“I’m excited we’re having a girl. Daddy’s little girl,” Matthew said. Aww!!

Inanna and Matthew revealed back in May that they were expecting, and opened up about their excitement for their baby.

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