Is Tamar Braxton Ready To Make Amends With Loni Love?

Tamar Braxton has not wanted to have any association with her former friend and co-host, Loni Love, since she was fired from the FOX daytime talk show, The Real. Things simmered down for a while but harsh feelings were reignited after a former friend of Love’s did an interview alleging that Love played a role in Braxton’s firing. 

While many are on lock-down due to the coronavirus, reflection of petty drama is at an all-time high. A recent social media post from Braxton hints that she may finally want to make amends with Love after years of estrangement.

Tamar Braxton and Loni Love’s rift began after Tamar Braxton was fired from ‘The Real’

Following Braxton’s departure from The Real, she immediately unfollowed all of her former co-hosts, beginning with Love, after posting a cryptic message to her Instagram account insinuating that one of her co-stars was behind her firing.

Love responded in a YouTube video, denying that her or the other women were involved. Love also claimed that she had no idea Braxton was in danger of losing her job. It was later alleged by a former friend of Love’s, comedian Cookie Hull, that Love sent emails to the network while Braxton was out on medical leave in an attempt to prove that Braxton’s presence was not needed on the show.

Hull alleged that she was intimidated by Braxton’s success from the show, specifically Braxton’s personality that registered with certain viewers.

“She told me that she was going to try to get her off of the show,” Hull told YouTube’s Comedy Hype. “She told me that she wanted to be the only ghetto girl on the show and she wanted to get rid of her.”  

Braxton agreed with Hull’s claims and posted a screenshot of a previous text communication between a mutual friend of her and Hull’s that revealed Braxton was aware of Love’s alleged scheme in the aftermath of her firing.

Love denied Hull’s version of the story and claimed that Hull was trying to get back at her for ending their professional relationship and friendship. 

Tamar Braxton posts message about forgiveness – Loni Love seemingly responds

Love reached out to Braxton several times in an attempt to mend their soured relationship. She did so on The Real and on Twitter, requesting for Braxton to appear on the show so that they can have a discussion about the whole ordeal. Braxton turned down the offer and said that the hosts were using her for ratings. After Hull’s allegations, Love gave Braxton a shoutout during The Real’s 1000th episode, thanking her for her contributions on the show. 

At one point, Braxton appeared to be ready to move forward from the drama and posted a lengthy apology to her former co-hosts on her Instagram.

The olive branch was short-lived after Braxton was asked on The Wendy Williams Show about The Real – to which Braxton responded she preferred to not speak of the show to attract more attention to the situation overall.

However, Braxton’s recent Tweet alludes to her potentially wanting to put everything that transpired between her and The Real behind her for good. 

“I feel that its the time to get along with everyone. I don’t even have a feeling about people who wronged me in the past,” she wrote. “I’m at the point in my life that if that’s your energy that’s on you. NOTHING or NO ONE is going to Dim the light that’s over me. That is mine.”

Love seemingly responded to Braxton’s Tweet, noting that she wants to move on but is tired of the lies she says has been spread about her. 

“I have no problems with nobody.. I just want folks to stop lying on me… My new book details how hard I have worked from getting out the projects to becoming an Emmy winning talk show host.”

With such chaos going on regarding the coronavirus, it would be nice if the two women can put their beef aside and join forces for a greater good.

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