James Jordan refuses to back down over controversial Strictly remarks

James Jordan defends his Ellie Simmonds comment on leg bending

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The 44-year-old dancer has amassed more than 300,000 followers on Twitter alone, and every Saturday night, fans enjoy as he live tweets throughout entire Strictly Come Dancing episodes. After every couple performs, James also gives his feedback and offers a score out of 10, similar to what the judges on the BBC show do. His expertise and love of the show is second to none, having worked as a professional dancer on Strictly from 2006 to 2013, yet sometimes James’ brutal honesty can gather some criticism.

When speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, James admitted that he doesn’t miss dancing on the show, but now enjoys watching and critiquing the contestants from the comfort of his own home.

Asked if he misses being on the James said: “I miss being young. My body wouldn’t be able to survive.

“I have to accept that I’m in a different stage of my life, I have a daughter and I am really happy with that.

“So yeah, I just enjoy watching it and critiquing them really because sometimes I feel like the judges, obviously they are paid to do a job and they are on the BBC so they have to toe-the-line to a certain extent.

“But I just say it how it is.”

Explaining that he doesn’t know any of the people personally on the show each year, James says that he just comments on what he sees.

“None of them are my friends. I am not being biased in any way shape or form, I just literally comment on the dance and that’s what people like.

“People like my brutal honesty, without being mean.”

Continuing to explain why he enjoys commenting on the dancing, and indeed why people respect his opinion so much via social media, James added: “By me saying someone isn’t a good dancer doesn’t mean I am saying they are not a good person.

“Like Tony Adams,” James went on to say, bringing up Tony, who found himself bottom of the leaderboard on Saturday (September 24) after the first live show of the series, alongside his partner Katya Jones.

“If anyone thinks he was any good the other night, they are slightly deluded. But would I pick up the phone and vote for him? Probably yes, because I could see how distraught he was and how hard he had been working for weeks on end on that dance and then went out and messed it up.

“You could see how gutted he was and for me, that is part of Strictly. I like watching those moments and by my saying that he wasn’t any good doesn’t mean I am a bad person. I am just being honest.”

James’ tweet concerning Arsenal legend Tony’s dance gained more than 500 likes and many took to the comments section to agree with what James had said.

Scoring him a mere two points out of 10, James’ harsh, but fair tweet read: “Hated the music – hated the dance but couldn’t help watching it and smiling.

“The only positive is – it can’t get any worse… I am hoping he improves in the weeks to come. I do however worry he won’t.

“It’s easy to stand still and have a great frame. Practice practice.”

It was when James tweeted about his love for paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds’ dance with pro partner Nikita Kuzmin that he was hit back with some criticism.

Giving her a five out of ten, James wrote: “I b****y loved it! Well done Nikita – a full on routine – great timing and fun. She needs to try and consciously straighten her legs as much as possible. Loved the tricks. BUT she needs to believe in herself now. Apart from that it was great and she’s an inspiration.”

Despite the positive aspects of the tweet, Twitter user @Dawnie2305 pointed out the flaw in James’ constructive critique. They said: “Unfortunately she won’t be able to straighten her legs anymore than she already has, it is part of dwarfism.”

Another user @FlopsyPickle added: “She won’t be able to straighten them any more than she is, due to her dwarfism, as it tends to cause bowing of the legs.”

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