Jeannie Mai Explains How To Still Get 'Hot And Heavy' Sex After Getting Married!

Jeannie Mai still likes to keep some things spicy even after getting hitched!

ICYMI, the stylist tied the knot to Jeezy (born Jay Wayne Jenkins) in an intimate ceremony at their home in Atlanta, Georgia, in March — just one year after getting engaged.

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Now, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 42-year-old is detailing how married life with her hubby has completely change from their dating life — in the best way possible! She explains:

“Oh my god. Married life feels 1,000 percent different than when we were dating, in the greatest way. I loved our dating life because we really spent such concentrated quality time getting to know each other and making sure that we were right for each other. And now being married, it’s even more handled with such delicacy and such thoughtfulness, because we’re in our 40s, and we both grew up in households that weren’t healthy marriages. We have never seen what that looks like.”

The Real host then dives in to how they’ve especially learned to put a major emphasis on communication, which includes expressing each of their specific wants and needs from the relationship. You know, the standard things one would expect from a partnership. However, this also includes keeping in some fun in between the sheets for the pair:

“We want to feel trusted. We want to feel loved. We want to feel safe. We want to feel cuddles. We want to feel the romance. We want to feel dating, want to be hot and heavy with sex. Like, you want all those things. Human beings want those same things. Why can’t you communicate exactly what that should look like in order to customize the relationship you have and work towards it?”

Certainly sounds like it would help make for a longer union! And Jeannie doesn’t seem to have any trouble communicating it either!

Another trick? Mai finds it imperative that the couple still date each other even though they’re married. She dishes:

“ he looked at me before he took off again to another long day of work and he said, ‘Tomorrow, don’t book anything. I’ve got you.’ And I’m like, ‘Ooh.’ Immediately, I’m already thinking about what am I going to wear … I’m already planning it, as I’m here sitting in work with you.”

Sounds “hot and heavy” to us!

Nothing wrong with keeping the love and flirtation alive, that’s for sure! The former How Do I Look? presenter concludes:

“Something like that from your spouse immediately sets something for you to look forward to because the intention to date me, even though we live in the same home and we’re going to bed in the same room. And then it eggs me on to think, ‘Ooh, I can’t wait for my next date with him. I can’t wait to whisk him off his feet and surprise him.’”

Some sage advice from Jeannie, as always. What are your thoughts on Mai’s words of wisdom about marriage? Let us know in the comments (below).

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