Jeremy Clarkson struggles with ‘aptitude test’ in The Grand Tour co-star James May’s video

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The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson headed out to breakfast with his co-star James May today. The duo tucked into a “COVID breakfast” and detailed an epic fail on Twitter as they attempted to eat with single-use cutlery, which is thought to be safer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a cafe in an undisclosed location, James filmed Jeremy cutting up his eggs and bacon with a plastic knife and fork, and posted the footage online.

The 60-year-old TV star went through several flimsy forks while trying to chop his food into bite size pieces.

“President Clarkson aptitude test,” James captioned the short video, which he shared with his 3.1 million followers on Twitter.

In the clip, the television stars, who have worked with each other for many years, could be seen and heard in fits of laughter as Jeremy tried to finish his meal with the last available item of disposable cutlery.

“Tell the camera about your covid cutlery,” James could be heard saying to Jeremy.

The car enthusiast replied: “Well I broke that fork on my small piece of bacon, and then I broke that one.

“So this time, very gently…” he said as he tried to slice a remaining piece of bacon.

“So this is the last fork… in the canteen,” James pointed out for the viewers.

“Steady… no, you are going to do it… no you’re not,” the 57-year-old commentated.

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“I’m not… It’s the last one,” Jeremy said before an inevitable snap could be heard as the fork broke.

Laughing, James remarked: “Now you are going to have to eat it with your fingers.”

“Covid breakfast,” Jeremy captioned the video, when he re-shared it with his own 7.2 million followers.

“I suspect that ‘cutlery’ would struggle with the eggs, never mind going straight for the challenge of the bacon,” one follower wrote in the comments section, drawing attention to the two uneaten fried eggs on Jeremey’s plate.

“That made me giggle… seeing you laugh out loud, good for the soul!” another social media added.

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