Jeremy Clarkson’s fury at Tony Blair exposed: ‘He’s bleeding us dry!’

Mr Clarkson criticised then Prime Minister Blair in 2001 for his policies on speeding, fox hunting and other issues the former Top Gear host saw as unnecessary state intervention. He accused the Labour Government of the time of “sticking their snouts as often as possible into our daily lives”. In his column for the Top Gear website, Mr Clarkson derided New Labour for imposing a ban on fox hunting.

He said: “Then there’s the fox. I’ve never cared about the plight of what is basically an orange dog but then I’ve never cared much for the idiots who charge around the countryside on horses.

“And I don’t think I’m alone on this. Most people are too busy to give a stuff, either way.”

However, he was more furious with Mr Blair’s policy on speeding, as plans were proposed to ban drivers for a year if they were caught exceeding 85mph.

Mr Clarkson said: “They’ve decided that anyone caught driving at more than 85mph will be banned from the roads for a year.

“Well, now look. I know it is this Government’s avowed aim to cut car use and get us all on the buses, but I conducted a little experiment on the M40 this morning by driving along at precisely 85mph.

“And do you know what? I was the slowest car on the road. If they ban people for doing 85mph or more, they will have to ban everyone.

“The worst thing, though, is that His Toniness (Tony Blair) will win the next election. And he’ll carry on dreaming up new and ever more stupid plans that will make our lives a little less wonderful than might otherwise have been the case.”

The former Top Gear star also raged at the Labour Government in 2000, writing in another column for the Top Gear website about his fears of satellite navigation in cars.

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Mr Clarkson claimed it would mean people are unable to break speed limits, meaning “there would be absolutely no point, at all, in buying a car with a large engine”.

He also hit out at Mr Blair once more, saying: “You’d buy a hybrid, a half petrol/half battery-powered obscenity with smooth rear wheel arches and an electronic Prescott under the rear parcel shelf, charging you £4,000 for moving and £4,000 every time you stop.

“Phoney Tony has a 170-seat majority, so he can do whatever he damn well wants. And what he wants is to hang you up and bleed you dry.”

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