Jimmy Carr addresses very expensive mistake after crashing £100K Tesla: Ill take it

Jimmy Carr talks about when he crashed a £100k Tesla

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Comedian and 8 Out of 10 Cats host Jimmy Carr has opened up about the moment he made a “very expensive mistake”, which saw him crash a £100,000 Tesla after taking it for a test drive in Westfield, London. Appearing on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, Jimmy, 49, told a shocked Gary Davies, who is guest hosting this week, that he ended up buying the car after he left the door “hanging off”, when he drove away without realising it hadn’t been shut.

So I just rolled down the window and I just went, ‘I’ll take it’

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy – who recently revealed he had welcomed a baby daughter with his wife Karoline – spoke about one of the “hilarious” moments in his new book.

Speaking about how his new car is coming in handy in the middle of the fuel crisis, Jimmy went on to relay to the radio show host how it was that he ended up owning a Tesla.

He said: “This is the story of how I got to be the [most smug] man in the world this week, because obviously there’s a petrol crisis going on, we’re in the middle of this panic and I’ve got an electric car.

“And how it happened was I went to Westfield, this huge shopping centre near us in Shepherd’s Bush, and we were going around the shops.

“We’d run out of things to do, I’d had a coffee and something to eat,” he said, confirming that he was with his wife, Karoline.

Jimmy continued: “So I went into their – they have a Tesla shop! I thought that’s weird in a mall, you can buy a car in a mall.

“So we went in there and the guy was super friendly and said, ‘Do you want to take one for a test drive?’

“And I went, ‘yes I do, I’ve got 20 minutes to kill.'”

The comedian went on to say that he felt like a “kid” in the electric car.

“It’s like something from Star Trek, the doors lift up vertically in the back like gull wings,” he gushed.

“So he gets in the back, I’m in the front with Caroline,” he said, before gushing over how much he enjoyed testing the car out.

However, upon returning to the car park, Jimmy said that he got “lost” due to the enormous size of the parking lot.

Jimmy explained: “I take the wrong turn and the guy says, ‘I’ll just move these cones over here and we can get through to the parking bit.’

“So I drive to pick him up, he’s like 20 yards over there, so I drive to pick him up so he doesn’t have to walk back.

“Suddenly, crash – I took the back door off on the gantry,” Jimmy said as the radio DJ listened in horrified silence.

He continued: “So when he got out the door he didn’t shut [it] – and there’s no wind in the garage to know the door was still open other than common sense.

“And then smash – I take the door [off] and it’s like a terminator but not quite dead yet. It’s hanging by one bit of electricity and making a terrible noise.”

Following the accident, Jimmy revealed his cool approach to the crash, saying: “So I just rolled down the window, his jaw’s on the floor and I just went, ‘I’ll take it’.”

Laughing, Gary replied: “How much is that car? A £100,000 car?”

Jimmy responded: “Something like that yeah, it was a very expensive mistake, but it was one of the things I say in the book; when you make a mistake you have to own it.”

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