Joe Biden to Propose Ban on Menthol Cigarettes (Report)

Joe Biden‘s administration is preparing to make a huge announcement.

The President of the United States will propose a ban on menthol cigarettes, according to multiple reports on Wednesday (April 28).

The proposed ban will likely be announced Thursday (April 29) according to CBS News, partly due to the Food and Drug Administration’s court deadline to respond to a citizens’ proposal to ban menthol products by that day.

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That said, a ban will likely take years to actually take effect.

Menthol cigarettes have been marketed to Black communities in the United States more than other groups, via The New York Times, and Black smokers choose menthol cigarettes like Newport and Kool 85% of the time, three times more than white smokers, according to the FDA.

Research has also found menthol cigarettes are more addictive and harder to quit, because the menthol has a cooling effect that makes it easier to inhale more nicotine.

The proposed ban would likely also include flavored cigars and cigarillos, but not e-cigarettes.

The Washington Post also adds that a ban also would not require congressional approval, but the FDA would need to make the proposal publicly available and to consider any comments on the change.

Support has also grown in Congress to enact a ban through legislation, via NYT. Several states, including Massachusetts and California, have instituted their own menthol bans.

The FDA has not yet announced details of the proposal, which will have to go through a formal process that can take several years and is likely to face challenges by the tobacco industry.

The CDC also recently made a big public health announcement amid the pandemic.

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