Julia Bradbury’s sister careers off road after ‘3 young’uns throw huge rock onto motorway’

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Julia Bradbury, 50, best known for formerly presenting Countryfile, took to her Twitter account today as she urged people to get in contact with Nottingham Police after her sister, Gina Bradbury Fox’s car had veered off the motorway. The TV personality said three “young’uns” had thrown a “huge rock” at her sibling’s vehicle, causing it to career off the main road.

Luckily nobody killed

Julia Bradbury

She wrote in view of her 111,600 followers: “Yesterday my sister was travelling for work along the M1 between junction 26 & 27 in Nottinghamshire when 3 young’uns threw a huge rock down onto motorway.

“It hit the bonnet & smashed the windscreen. She careered off the road avoiding cars but luckily nobody killed.”

She concluded: “If you know who it might be or know anything about it please have a word & contact the Nottinghamshire police. Obviously, this could have been fatal.”

After Julia’s tweet was posted, Gina responded: “Thanks sis. Scary stuff. 

“Shame that these kids can’t use their time and energy to do good rather than bad. 

“Especially in these times when we should all pull together. I’m lucky that I didn’t hit anyone.”

Twitter users were quick to offer their support to Julia and her sister, as they expressed dismay at the shocking incident.

One said: “We had bricks thrown at the windows of a coach we were on a couple of years ago from the side of the M4, police came out and put it down to a travellers site just across the field. The issue is kids were able to get onto the verge of a motorway! Should not happen.”

Another replied: “If you tell me approx what time, I’ll look at my dashcam footage. I drive between these junctions twice on Saturday.”

While a third commented: “I think it’s about time all bridges were caged off with wire fencing, it would stop idiots doing that sort of thing and also people who may not be in the best mental frame mind making massive mistakes, one simple thing could save so many lives.”

Meanwhile a fourth remarked: “I live between these two junctions and often walk over the M1 with my dog. I’ll keep a lookout Julia. I’m so sorry this has happened. Very scary. So relieved your sister is ok xx.”

After the touching messages from Twitter users, Gina said that she was “shaken but not stirred” and thanked them for their support.

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Gina had also informed the police, who were “doing what they can” to help.

Describing the young trio who threw the rock, Gina said: “Saw them running across a bridge in my rearview mirror. Young uns!”

She then told another well-wisher: “Lucky I had my cruise control on! I know I wasn’t speeding. 

“Yes, those pesky cameras certainly do find speeders! Be nice if they could find the rock-throwing culprits!”

Today, Gina, who runs the website The Outdoor Guide, took her efforts to Instagram, where she shared a snap of her dented car as she further asked for help.

She typed: “On Saturday heading north on M1 between junction 26 & 27 some young ‘uns decided to lob a rock off a bridge which bounced on to my bonnet and windscreen.

“Ironic that I am working for our @theoutdoorguide foundation to donate waterproof kits to schools to encourage kids to go outdoors.

“But not to be dressed appropriately to throw rocks off bridges. What possesses these kids to even think of this type of activity.

“Luckily my sturdy beast stood its ground and I’ve lived to tell the tale. I’m just glad everyone is okay and that our valuable emergency services weren’t needed for such a mindless and fxxxxx stupid act!”(sic)

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