Justin Bieber Talks How His Relationship With Hailey Bieber Inspired ‘Unstable’

Justin Bieber walks behind wife Hailey as they head back to their car in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (March 22).

The happily married couple kept it casual in their hoodies after a lunch date at Nobu in Malibu, where they were accompanied by a bodyguard.

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In a new interview with SiriusXM, Justin opened up about how being with Hailey inspired one of the new songs off his album, Justice.

“I think boundaries for me have been so pivotal in my growth as a human and just my nos being just as powerful as my yeses and knowing when to say no to certain things has been so helpful in my growth,” he shared while talking about “Unstable”.

Justin continued, “Just, you know, ‘Hey, I’m going to turn off at this time.’ I’m not gonna make certain decisions past six o’clock… I’m just going to spend time with my wife, whether it’s watching movies or whatever that looks like, but just prioritizing my family and prioritizing like, you know, I never had a consistent family life. It was kind of all over the place growing up. So finally having that predictability and reliability and someone who I love and trust has been so monumental.”

Here’s how Justin‘s new album is supporting justice organizations.

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