Kamaru Usman Fires Back At Jake Paul, I Will Seriously Hurt You, Bro

Welp, here’s a scary threat from Kamaru Usman to Jake Paul — cut the crap before you get hurt, for real.


Okay, here’s the quick backstory … Jake Paul has been looking for ALL THE SMOKE from UFC fighters after ferociously knocking out Ben Askren.

He’s called out Conor McGregor, beefed with Tyron Woodley and went face-to-face with Daniel Cormier at UFC 260.

Kamaru — the reigning UFC welterweight champ — told TMZ Sports back in April he was getting sick of Paul’s trash talk and said he would love the opportunity to “beat the s**t” out of him.

Paul responded to Usman, “Challenge accepted” — adding, “If your boss Dana gives you permission to box me and make more money than you ever have, let me know and we can lace them up. I promise it will be your biggest pay day.”

The two continued to trade shots over social media — with Jake accusing Usman of “backing out.”

Which led to Usman responding yet again on Wednesday morning …

“I understand you think this is a game which is probably why you don’t realize that this is how people Truly get hurt,” Usman said.

“I don’t play fighting and I can change your life in the worst way.”

He’s not kidding … Usman is coming off one of the most violent KO’s of the year when he flattened Jorge Masvidal with a killer right hand at UFC 261.

Usman’s manager Ali AbdelAziz certainly wants a fight to happen — telling us he thinks it would be one of the most successful PPV events in combat sports history.

Stay tuned!

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