Katy Perry Reveals Why She’s Now ‘Ready’ To Have Kids & If She Has Baby Names Picked Out

Mother-to-be Katy Perry got super candid in a surprising new interview about why she’s now ready to have kids and if she and fiance Orlando Bloom have picked out baby names just yet!

“I was that girl, or am still that girl, that had that box, the baby clothes before there was the thought, or even an Orlando Bloom,” Katy Perry, 35, said during an interview with Australia’s Fifi, Fev & Byron before opening up about her decision to wait for motherhood. “I’m excited about that and like I said, I have two nieces and one nephew that I’m obsessed with. I think, definitely, everything’s changing. I wasn’t ready a couple years ago, and I did the work to get ready and now I’m really ready. I see a baby and I’m like [makes gaga face]. It’s just time for me and it’s the right time.”

The “Waking Up In Vegas” singer was then asked if she had baby names picked out already to which she replied, “Yeah, of course. I’ve strategized a record before, and my life and my career. There’s been some thoughts in some of these things.” Katy announced her pregnancy during an Instagram Live video on Wednesday, March 4, shortly after fans went into hysterics when she played with her baby bump in her “Never Worn White” music video. “Let’s call it a reveal — there’s a lot that will be happening to me this summer. Not only will I be giving birth — literally,” she confirmed while snacking on dried mangos, adding that she and Orlando, 43, are “very excited” about the news.

Katy also revealed if her Pirates of the Caribbean star had any say in picking out names. “We make him think he does. That’s how you do it,” she joked before adding, “No, of course he does! He’s incredible. That’s why we’re on this journey.”

The timing of Katy’s pregnancy announcement was perfectly planned, fashion wise, as she was able to show off her maternity stylings during her headlining performance at the ICC Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup Final in Melbourne, Australia. She sang her classic hits like “Roar” to an adoring crowd while wearing colorful items that expertly put her glowing figure on display.

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