Kim Kardashian breaks silence as fans demand answers over Taylor Swift call leak

Kim Kardashian broke her social media silence as her followers probed her over the Taylor Swift call leak.

Power couple Kim, 39, and Kanye West, 42, were exposed as liars after new sound bites emerged online divulging the rapper failed to mention he was going to call the Love Story hitmaker a "b****" and claim he made her a star.

Within hours of its release, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star faced the wrath of her followers when she failed to address the lies she told for her husband which sparked one of the biggest showbiz feuds.

Social media was awash with fans attacking the reality queen for lying about the 25 minute phone call which took place before Kanye dropped his controversial track Famous.

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"Aw so cute but maybe you should address your lies?? #TaylorToldTheTruth#TaylorSwiftWasRightAllAlong," one fan wrote, leading the troops.

Followers urged Kim to apologise to Taylor for spreading lies about her in a catty war which was dragged out over social media, interviews and concerts.

Others added: "Ohk now apologize to Taylor you rat."

"Please apologise :(( taylor really didn’t deserve what happen to her so yea an apology would be really appreciated ma’am."

Kim tried to distract her followers with a throwback picture to lighten the mood amid the snowballing fury from fans over the lies she and Kanye told about Taylor Swift.

The mother-of-four shared a throwback picture of herself cradling her son Saint.

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She wrote: "This is a screenshot of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s. Look at what a little chunk Saint was! OMG My baby!!!!!! I miss him this small!!!!"

Kim and Kanye claimed Taylor was happy with the rapper's disrespectful lyrics in his 2016 track Famous which referred to the country singer as a "b****" who he made famous.

The lyrics read: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex /

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"Why? I made that b**ch famous God damn / I made that b**ch famous.”

At the time, Taylor fired back at the couple sparking a vicious feud which would rumble on for years.

She wrote on social media: “You don’t get to control someone’s emotional response to being called ‘that b****’ in front of the entire world. He promised to play the song for me, but he never did.”

Wild claims have emerged Kris Jenner leaked the phone call because coronavirus stole the headlines in recent weeks.

Taylor has yet to have her say on the leaked phone call.

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