King Charles and Prince Harry Spotted Outside Queen Elizabeth's Estate

The newly crowned King Charles III has surfaced for the first time since Queen Elizabeth‘s death and hours before addressing the nation.

King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla and Prince Harry were among several members of the Royal Family seen leaving Queen Elizabeth’s estate in Aberdeen, Scotland. All seemed to be in good spirits, despite what happened less than 24 hours before.

Charles arrived to Buckingham Palace just moments ago to a massive crowd, where he shook hands and greeted people with a smile.

In his first public speech as King, Charles will address the people today during a pre-taped message he’ll deliver from Buckingham Palace.

As we reported, Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday just hours after it was announced doctor’s were concerned for her health. Members of the Royal Family came to be by her side in her final moments.

In an almost poetic tribute, a rainbow appeared in the sky over Buckingham Palace in the hours leading up to Queen Elizabeth’s death.

At 96 years old, she ruled for 70 years, the second longest time in power in history behind King Louis XIV.

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