Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Are Currently Making Out on a Boat in Italy

The international leg of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s love tour is 🔥 🔥 🔥, in case you were wondering. The couple recently jetted to Italy together for a romantic getaway and, on Sunday morning, while we were eating cereal straight out of the box in sweatpants and mentally curating our Netflix binge for the day, Kourt and Travis were making out on a boat, surrounded by stunning Italian views and the ever-present bubble of our envy/adoration for their love.

We know this is how they spent their Sunday because they also officially christened the trip with some PDA posts on Instagram. Kourtney opted for a full-body make-out shot that showed off the aforementioned stunning Italian views and her equally-stunning, barely-there black thong bikini:


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Kourt captioned the steamy pic, “That’s Amore,” and Travis immediately jumped into the comments with a black heart emoji:

The black heart emoji comment tied things back to Travis’ Italy PDA post (like a narrative thread, if you want to get all deep read on the situation), which was captioned simply, “Italy 🖤.” While Kourtney’s make-out pic was a steamy thirst trap, Travis went with a kissing selfie that’s honestly just one of the sweetest pictures we’ve ever seen of these two (and that’s saying something):


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Kourtney also commented on Travis’ pic right away, because love, right?

The trip was a big deal for Travis, who has only recently started to fly again after a 2008 crash that left him critically injured.

“Now it’s been so many years, it’s getting easier for me. There are days where I’ll wake up and never think about it,” Barker explained of the PTSD he’s dealt with since the crash in a May 2021 interview with Men’s Health. “… If I do [fly again], and the angels above help me in my travels and keep me safe, I would like to come back and [tell my children], ‘Hey, I just flew here, and then I flew home. And everything was fine.’ I have to tell them, because I almost left them. That’s a perfect day.”

In August, the Blink-182 drummer shared a picture of him and Kourtney in front of a plane as he took his first flight since the crash. “With you anything is possible,” he captioned the post.


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Pretty sure the only thing that isn’t possible with Travis and Kourtney is not being inspired by their love. ❤️

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