Kourtney Kardashian Explains Why She Didn't Take Scott Disick Back When They Were Both Single!

Consistency matters for Kourtney Kardashian!

The Poosh founder is the focus of a trailer clip published Tuesday morning that teases Thursday night’s series finale (!) of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In the clip, Kourtney confronts sisters Kim and Khloé for their undying public support of her ex-BF and baby daddy Scott Disick.

But while Kim and Khloé are HUGE fans of Kourtney and Scott eventually getting back together again — or, they were until Travis Barker entered the picture, at least — the 42-year-old mom of three explains explicitly why she’s not back together with The Lord and why it didn’t work out when both of them were single!

In the clip, Kourt first explains tot he KUWTK cameras why she’s frustrated with her loved ones blindly encouraging reconciliation with the Talentless founder. Speaking candidly, the interior design aficionado says (below):

“I just feel like I’m really over it with my family enabling Scott, because they don’t know all of the details. When Scott and I broke up, I set certain boundaries with him.”

And while Kourtney did acknowledge that Scott has made “so many major life improvements” like dealing with past addiction and mental health issues, for her, the question of consistency still comes up again and again. Trying to flesh out what Kourtney really wants, Kim asks her at one point if the Poosh founder ever plans to get back with Scott, or if she believes “it’s never gonna happen.”

Kourtney turns around and reveals the fact that things are more complicated than that, saying:

“But I don’t know that it’s never gonna happen.”

True! A lot could happen in the future!

Kourt goes on to explain her frustrations to her sisters, telling both Kim and Khloé (below):

“You guys usually agree with him, and you’re like, ‘Yes! Kourtney, what is she doing? Why isn’t she taking it seriously? You’ve changed so much.’ So stop agreeing with him… and put it back on him. I just think the best for him is to put it back on him and learn to be accountable.”

Interesting to know her sisters are more keen to take Scott’s side in all of this! At least from Kourtney’s perspective, that is!

Khloé comes up big with an apology, though, acknowledging Kourtney’s feelings and pledging to do better to back her bloodline in the future:

“I’m sorry you feel like that, especially from your sisters and definitely that’s not our intent at all. We will both do better, and you’re right a hundred percent.”

Frustrations resolved?!

Ch-ch-check out the teaser clip (below):

And don’t forget to watch the final episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Thursday night! Crazy to think the series finale is here already, and this is the end of the famous fam’s time on cable!

End of an era…

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