Lauren Bushnell Won’t Let Chris Lane Name Their Son This ‘Cool’ Name

Chris Lane has a really cool name in mind for his future son with Lauren Bushnell.

However, Lauren has already vetoed the name from the list.

While chatting with Audacy’s Katie & Company the 36-year-old country singer said that Lauren was quick to tell him no about his name choice.

“We’re actually still trying to figure out exactly… we have a good idea of what it’s gonna be, but we haven’t for sure settled on it yet,” Chris shared. “As far as names go that didn’t make the list, I know one off the top of my head.”

He continued that “at the time I was being super light-hearted, but at the same time I did really honestly think it was kind of cool but Lauren shot me down so fast. I threw out the name Rambo.”

“She shot it down hard,” Chris laughs about it now. “I said imagine when he comes up to bat and they say ‘Rambo Lane,’ that sounds like he’s about to drop a bomb! … Rambo Lane, like how is he not going to win the tournament, you know?”

Chris also spoke about how Lauren is very close to giving birth, with her due date in June.

“At this point it looks like it’s about to plop out of her,” he said.

Chris and Lauren announced they were expecting in December, and join all these other couples as celebs who are having a baby this year.

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