Lizzo Tackles COVID-19 Fears With Mass Meditation on Instagram

Lizzo has a reputation for truly caring for her fan’s well-being. She loves to spread inspirational messages and encourages a positive body image for everyone. In this time of Coronavirus panic, her attitude is no different. Here’s how Lizzo is reaching out to fans and helping them deal with fear and stress. 

Lizzo hosts a meditation group on Instagram

Music events all over the United States have been canceled to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, including several of Lizzo’s festival appearances. Last week, instead of headlining the Houston Rodeo, she reached out to fans in a safer way – through Instagram. 

Lizzo posted a video with the caption, “Because I Love You. A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis. Use at your own pace. Love you!” 

As the video opens, Lizzo stands over a group of crystals, plays soothing flute music and burns palo santo, which is used to clear the energy of a room. She then leads her fans through breathing exercises and guided meditation. 

“There’s the disease, and then there’s the fear of the disease,” Lizzo said, as she prepared her fans for the meditation. “Fear can spread so much hatred and negative energy. I wanted to empower everyone and let you all know you have power. We all have power. You have power to eliminate fear. We have the power to reduce the fear that is being heightened. This is a very serious pandemic. This is a very serious thing that we’re all experiencing together. Whether it’s a good thing or a tragic thing — the one thing we will always have is togetherness. We’ll always be connected on this planet.”

Her fans seemed to love the video,  posting encouraging comments and thanking her for the support. “Beautiful, calming and just what I needed right now. Thank you,” one user wrote.

There will be another meditation video from Lizzo

The video was such a hit, that Lizzo now has plans for another one. Recently, she posted a photo of herself wearing a face mask, with the following caption: “Meditation 1 was before the mass self-quarantine. Meditation 2 is coming tomorrow. Let’s purify our home spaces and come together to reduce fear. Protect each other and honor social distance but strengthen our connection. Tomorrow (Sat) morning. Who is with me?”

Maybe this will become a regular feature on Lizzo’s account? There are certainly plenty of people who could use the relaxation benefits.

Lizzo is helping wherever she can

Helping her fans deal with fear isn’t the only thing Lizzo is doing to fight Coronavirus issues. During the meditation video, she also mentions her desire to help children who depend on free lunch at school. With classes all over the country canceled, these children may go hungry without access to their normal meals. Lizzo said she’s currently considering options with her team for the best way to help with this issue. 

But there’s another issue that she’s already taken action on. According to Rolling Stone, Lizzo and several other artists, including Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, and John Mayer have all signed a letter addressed to President Trump and Congress, asking for financial relief for those in the music business, whose work has been cut off due to Coronavirus cancellations. 

“The men and women who work tirelessly to bring live music to fans are unable to work from home and have no alternative means of supporting themselves and their families…” the letter states. It’s important to note that these artists aren’t asking for financial assistance themselves, instead, the letter reminds the reader that “Concerts are not just about the headliner.” Ticket salesmen, stagehands, production teams, dancers, security, and so many other professions depend on musical events for their livelihood. 

While supporting those in the music industry is an awesome idea, it’s important to remember that they aren’t the only ones affected by shutdowns. Americans all over the country could soon be facing financial hardship because of this virus. Hopefully, Lizzo will continue those meditation videos to help us all deal with the stress. 

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