London On Da Tracks Ex Calls Summer Walker Delusional After Singer Claims Shes Creeping Me Out

The first to reignite the feud was Eboni, who accuses the singer of sitting back and watching London mistreat his baby mamas only to make an album about being treated the same way.

AceShowbizLondon On Da Track‘s ex and Summer Walker are at it again. After the “Still Over It” artist accused her of “creeping [her] out,” Eboni Ivorii fired back and dubbed the singer “delusional.”

The first to reignite the feud was Eboni. She accused Summer of sitting back and watching London mistreat his baby mamas only to make an album about being treated the same way. Eboni insisted that she is “still waiting for the apology like a grown women you say you are.”

Summer, who is no longer dating London, later offered his clapback on her Instagram Story on Thursday, November 18. “Eboni, you’ve been doing this for almost 3 years now. Please move on. Your scaring me cause this is clearly obsession. You know I am a advocate for mental health so you might wanna get some help with that pinned up anger you have inside. Please stop mentioning me and my child,” she argued.

“I’m very uncomfortable now. & I saw the death threat I Just ignored it,” the “Falling” songstress added, before sharing a screenshot of Eboni’s Instagram page and writing, “Everyone go report her page she’s creeping me out I’ve already stated a million times I have no beef.” The musician added in a separate post, “Thank you to everyone who reported I just want me & my child to be left alone.”

However, Eboni refused to stop their back-and-forth as she raged on her own Story, “Summer you claim that mental fool s**t all you want. I’m not delusional like you. Paris turned 3 last week. Your fast a** hasn’t even been in the picture for 3 years. You we n & out the picture like got pregnant and left n 30 minutes flat.”

“Death threat?! Who the hell wanna kill you?” she further fumed. “At this point you sat up here & sang at least 1 whole song all ab me & my life * got it the first track on your lil stnkin album.. But report ME. You a crackhead tryna drag your child in anything like you gon use your baby for defense. Who ever mentioned a baby… You the one singing all that mess & run all that scared internet talk but bout nothing and Ugly person. You lame.”

Just earlier this month, Eboni praised Summer after the latter released her new album, “Still Over It”. “Summer I Like the song. Y’all don’t gotta tag me no more. It’s cool. Go stream that s**t,” Eboni suggested at that time. “It’s the first song on the album: ‘Bitter’.”

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