'Love & Hip Hop': Sierra Gates Make the Case for Why Karlie Redd Will Forgive Her for Assault

After being a supporting cast member for several seasons, Sierra Gates is now a main player on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and has front burner storylines. Now, it seems like she and her friend who she tried to fight, Karlie Redd, are back being cordial and hopefully on the way to restoring things to like they used to be. Recently on social media, Gates posted why she thinks Redd should forgive her.

What went down between Sierra Gates and Karlie Redd?

Things first started going south for the friends when Gates became mad at Redd for not showing up to her court appearance. Gates’ legal issues have been documented all season so far on the show. She is accused of attacking a pregnant woman who has another child by her ex, Shooter.

Redd agreed to testify on Gates behalf, was stuck in traffic on the way to the court appearance and was given the wrong courtroom number by Gates. And despite the fact the hearing got postponed, Gates was very upset that Redd could not make it. She went as far as to try to attack Redd the next time she saw her. Several others on Gates’ team also seemed to jump in.

After being brought together at church with the rest of the ladies, Gates told Redd she regretted her actions and attempted to apologize. The apology fell on deaf ears, and Redd said that while she technically forgives her, their trust is broken. The two left each other, hoping to one day get back to where things were. This week’s episode showed them both going on a ski trip organized by Rasheeda.

Sierra Gates says this is why her friend should forgive her

Though the two were seen on the same trip in the most recent episode of the show, it looks like the two are still not all the way good, at least from Redd’s end of the friendship. According to Gates, Redd currently has her blocked on social media. As reported by Urban Belle, Gates took to Instagram to wish Redd a happy birthday.

When a fan commented on her Instagram and said that they see why Redd would continue to be friends with Gates after she tried to fight her. However, Gates responded with a different attitude and essentially said that true friends will always find their way back to each other.

She wrote, “girl me and my BEST friend have fought we been friends 18 years can’t live with out eachother @jcandee and me & @tokyoxvanity fought and was back cool the same day it’s not good to fight your friends but real love can’t stay apart from one another.”

With Redd having blocked Gates, it seems like they could be at odds as the season goes on. But as Gates pointed out, at some point, they could find their way back to each other and things could return to normal.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays on VH1.

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