Luenell Weighs In on T.I. Getting During Comedy Set in Brooklyn

The comedian shares that the Atlanta rapper’s choice of venue is also among the factors why he received hecklers during his set at Barclays Center earlier this month.

AceShowbizLuenell is sharing her two cents on T.I.‘s latest stand-up set at Barclays Center in Brooklyn where he was booed. According to the comedienne, that is one of the learning lessons.

“Anybody can do what they want to do, but there’s steps to this, there’s levels to this,” Luenell told TMZ for the outlet’s Celebrity Tour bus Tuesday in West Hollywood. She added the Atlanta rapper’s choice of venue was also among the factors why he got the result.

She noted, “Usually when you start your career, you don’t start at the Barclays Center. You start in little clubs, and little bars, and coffee shops, and stuff like that. That’s how people start.” Luenell added that Tip could book a spot like Barclays thanks to his stardom as a rapper.

T.I.’s set at the April Fools Comedy Jam was not welcomed by the crown as he received hecklers. In the April 9 appearance, T.I. made a joke about seducing the mother of one of his opponents during his performance at the festival. However, the joke seemingly didn’t sit well with the audience.

“Well god damn,” T.I. said after getting booed. “I’m gone tell y’all muthaf**kin’ a** like this. You got one more muthaf**kin’ album out of me. It’s called ‘Kill The King’ for muthaf**kas like you. And I appreciate y’all because you make me the absolute best n***a. New York has made me the muthaf**kin’ best.”

Following the incident, Tip’s fellow musicians defended him. Nelly wrote, “Tell me what comedian hasn’t got booed? Apart of earning ya stripes. that’s a part of entertainment. period.”

In the meantime, Tank commented, “Those kinds of crowds wanna hear you do what they know you for. He has to build a set that involves his music and comedy.” The “F**kin’ wit Me” crooner also believed that T.I. “will be fine. Speaking from experience.”

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