Mackenzie McKee: I’ve Left to Husband! For Real This Time!

Mackenzie McKee says her marriage is over.

No, really.

For real and for good this time. She swears.

The veteran Teen Mom cast member has said this many times in the past, following husband Josh’s admission last summer that he cheated on her and then Mackenzie’s suspicion this summer that Josh slept with her cousin.

As it turns out, he didn’t.

As it turns out, Mackenzie then said it was her fault that the couple hadn’t been getting alone.

As it turns out now, however, McKee is still done with the relationship.

This time around, though, the MTV personality isn’t merely talking the talk.

She’s walking the walk.

Or, to be more specific, driving the car and/or sitting in the airplane.

In other, far less confusing words: Mackenzie and her kids are moving to Florida!

Mackenzie has resided in Oklahoma her entire life — but recently told followers that she’s made the enormous decision to relocate herself and her three children: Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs.

For what reason?

“I’ve been in my tiny hometown all my life,” Mackenzie explained when asked this exact question on Instagram, adding:

“I’m at a point where I’m ready to see what else is out there, grow my career, heal, get away, show my kids more to life. I could only grow so much here.”

As for what attracted Mackenzie to head down south?

The mother of three said she loves the “warmth and beaches” of Florida and also confirmed her kids will be going with her.

She hasn’t yet dropped the D-Word (“Divorce”) in relation to the move, but did acknowledge that this choice will obviously have a major impact on her relationship with Josh — and Josh’s relationship with the estranged couple’s sons and daughter.

We’re “just going to figure out how to make it work,” Mackenzie said of the co-parenting situation when she and her husband will residing in differeny states.

Just two-plus weeks ago, Mackenzie and Josh went out to dinner to celebrate their seven-year wedding anniversary.

It’s only naturall for fans to therefore wonder how the pair could have gone from that to… this.

How did it all fall apart?


Replying to these ongoing reconciliation rumors, the reality star said she is leaving the past where it belongs.

“We have both been pretty s–ty to one another,” Mackenzie said late last week.

“I’m 25 with a great life ahead of me.

“Why would I let him have the control of me, living an anger-filled life. I’m too good for that. Life is too short.”

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