Mackenzie Standifer: Ryan Edwards Doesn’t Need a Drug Test to Prove He’s Sober! Maci Bookout Is the Drunk, Abusive One!

In recent weeks, Ryan Edwards has gained a reputation as the worst dad in the Teen Mom franchise.

But now, Mackenzie Standifer is telling the world that he's a better father than he appears to be on TV.

During an Instagram Q&A session earlier this week, Mackenzie defended Ryan's parenting and attacked Maci Bookout's approach to raising her son.

Topics of conversation included Maci pressuring Bentley to lose weight for wrestling, as well as Bookout's newly-expired restraining order against Edwards.

Mackenzie usually doesn't hold back in interviews, but this time, she really let Maci have it with both barrels.

And the result may be an ugly feud between Ryan's ex and his current wife.

Take a look:

1.Mack Defends Her Man

2.Mack Stands Up

3.Perfect Timing

4.Dueling Parents

5.Throwing Shade

6.Shots Fired

7.Not Holding Back

8.Pushed Too Far

9.An Ominous Warning

10.Looking Out For Bentley?

11.A Shady Response

12.A Checkered Past

13.Still Paying the Price

14.Dodging the Question

15.So No

16.Some Good News

17.A Win-Win?

18.He Should Really Just Take One

19.Oh, No She Didn't

20.A Bold Accusation

21.Silence Speaks Volumes

22.Major Shade

23.One Last Dig

24.The Response


26.The Defense

27.The War to Come

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