MAFS fans call Morags bluff as they unearth dull Insta landscapes Josh liked

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Married At First Sight was plunged into drama during one of the infamous dinner parties when Morag Crichton revealed that Amy Christophers' partner Joshua Christie had liked her Instagram photos in the past.

After Morag revealed the news, things kicked off at the weekly dinner party, with Josh claiming he had no memory of liking any snaps.

An eagle-eyed fan has now dug up the exact photos that Josh liked, and it turns out it was much more innocent then it appeared on the show.

Writing on Twitter, the fan explained: "#MAFSUK Tea! | Josh liked two or Morag’s photos back in 2019…she isn’t in either of them though. Maybe he just appreciated the landscapes."

Fans could see that Morag had shared a landscape photo of Wedding Cake Rock in Australia and Figure 8 Pools, also in Australia.

Fans were quick to chime in with their opinions, with one writing: "No wonder he didn't remember her, she wasn't in them! Makes you wonder how she remembers him so clearly from 2019, clearly she went snooping around his profile closely after he liked them."

Another said: "Haha good detective work however she said he slid into her dms! Might be more raunchy stuff in private lol."

Morag recently took to her Instagram Story to address the argument at the dinner party that kicked off after her revelation. She explained to 59k followers: "Let's remember guys, it was a game that forced me to bring it up.

"And also, [I] kind of don't remember much from this argument. I don't think a lot of us remembered a lot from this night as the wine was flowing."

It's been a dramatic few weeks on the show, with fans being left shocked after Josh Christie walked away from the camera as he was quizzed about having kids with Amy Christophers.

Josh, 26, appeared unwilling to answer questions about his and his 34 year old wife Amy's potential future on Monday 27 September's episode.

The West London based-hunk appeared uncomfortable when the subject of love was brought up on his final date with former glamour model Amy, who recently shared the truth behind her outbursts on the show.

Amy revealed she was waiting for Josh to drop the l-bomb before she said it. He responded by asking: "Does it matter who says it first".

And Josh then hinted that he was waiting until the experiment was finished to establish exactly how he feels about Amy in terms of love.

His revelation led Amy to believe that Josh does love her as the end of the experiment isn't far away.

Amy told him: "You probably do feel it but you're just waiting until we're on the outside."

"Yeah, 100%," Josh said as a smiling Amy replied: "So you admit it, you do feel it?"

Josh said: "No what I'm trying to say is…" Amy interrupted with: "You just admitted it!"

The hunk tried to explain himself but the brunette beauty jumped in again. Josh then gestured him zipping his lips before he tried to explain again.

"No, what I was saying is… never mind," he said.

Away from the final date, Amy told the camera: "The fact that Josh is waiting to drop the L-bomb until just around the corner says to me that he already loves me so I'm taking it."

Later, Josh was quizzed by a camerawoman about his potential future with Amy.

"How many kids do you want," they asked from behind the camera as Josh was seen awkwardly shuffling from one foot to another.

He responded hurriedly with: "If… Look… Let us move in together, we'll take I step by step, if that works then we'll talk about kids."

Josh then walked off camera and said: "See you later."

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