Miley Cyrus' Body Image Issues Stopped Her From Wearing Shorts for Years

Miley Cyrus was born in Tennessee in November of 1992. The star-to-be was given the name Destiny Hope Cyrus, but she was quickly coined as Miley by her close friends and family.

The nickname stemmed from Cyrus’ sweet and playful nature as a baby, and she was known for her excessive adorable smiling. As a result, Miley emerged.

Since then, Cyrus’ reputation and career have skyrocketed, but things weren’t always smooth sailing for this famous actress and musician. Find out what she is telling the public about her past body image issues. 

Miley Cyrus’ journey to fame

Cyrus grew up on a farm with her siblings. Cyrus’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a famous country singer and actor.

Having a genetic connection to the entertainment industry may have led Cyrus into pursuing her own career in Hollywood, and she began building her career as a child star at a relatively young age. Doc, her father’s television series, was her first on-screen appearance. In 2003 she appeared in her first film, Big Fish

However, as the public and her fans know, Cyrus’ career really took off when she started working for Disney Channel. She landed the lead role of Hannah Montana, and Cyrus’ life completely changed.

Her whole family made the decision to move to Los Angeles and her dad even was doing some acting and work for the hit-series. When Cyrus started recording songs for the show and soundtrack she had no idea what a hit they would be.

When Cyrus released Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus she used this as an opportunity to let her fans get to know her on a new level. Cyrus’s tour, The Best of Both Worlds, kicked off in 2007 and gave the world the opportunity to see her character and her authentic self perform. Cyrus was using her platform to begin to develop her own brand and image apart from the fictional character she played for Disney Channel. 

Cyrus focused on her music career and continued to release new-hits. “Party in the U.S.A.”  and “Wrecking Ball” were two of Cyrus’ most popular songs as her musical fame continued to grow.

Even though Cyrus continued to move away from her Disney Channel identity she did let her acting career fall at the wayside. Cyrus appeared in popular films like The Last Song. Her fame and accomplishments led her to briefly work as a coach on the TV show The Voice. Is there anything Cyrus can’t do?

Miley Cyrus’ past issues with body image

Despite Cyrus’ tremendous amount of success and accomplishments, things have not always been easy for her. Cyrus was asked to perform at the 2013 Video Music Awards (VMAs), and what should have been an empowering moment ending up being quite traumatic.

Cyrus took the stage by storm in a nude-colored bodysuit and was greatly criticized for her outfit choice. Many people were comparing the celebrity to a turkey, and the online trolling seemed to go on endlessly for Cyrus. 

What is Miley Cyrus saying about body image issues now? 

Cyrus recently spoke out on her past struggles with body images. On Cyrus’ new impromptu afternoon talk show, “Bright Minded: Live with Miley,” she opened up about many different challenges in regards to body images, but she specifically revisits the instance surrounding the 2013 VMAs.

After being compared to a turkey Cyrus couldn’t wear a bikini for two years and even found herself avoiding shorts. The worst part for Cyrus was that she began to feel like a fraud since a huge part of her and her brand is grounded in her being “unapologetically myself.”

Cyrus’ fans and the public were happy to see Cyrus be able to confidently speak out on these past issues and struggles with her close friend Demi Lovato.

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