Natasha Hamilton had ‘full mental breakdown’ and went to psychiatric care

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Natasha Hamilton has revealed that she admitted herself to psychiatric care after suffering from a "full mental breakdown" following the birth of her fourth child.

Opening up about her mental health journey, the Atomic Kitten singer recalled the problem beginning in 2013 when her divorce from husband Riad Erraji caused her to "lose the plot".

The following year, the star welcomed her fourth child, a girl named Ella, with her then-partner Ritchie Neville – which led to some of her darkest times.

Speaking on the Mindkite Podcast, the 38 year old candidly explained: "I was married for seven years, got divorced, lost the plot a little bit, went through some mental health ups and downs, and then I had my daughter in 2014."

And while Natasha suffered from post-natal depression following the birth of her first child Josh, she didn't expect it to consume her so relentlessly a second time round.

"When I had my little girl and I had a full breakdown, and I was under the care of a mental health team, the care of a psychiatrist," Natasha said.

She continued: "It was then, I was just like, 'We can't keep doing this Tash. You need to sort your s*** out.'"

Natasha, who is now engaged to Charles Gay, replaced Heidi Range in Atomic Kitten back in 1999, and featured on their most-loved number one Whole Again.

After leaving the band at 22, Natasha found that "finding herself" took a toll.

"I'd grown up in this intense bubble, totally wrapped in cotton wool for five years, then all of a sudden I'm out of that, and they're all doing their thing over there and I'm literally on my own here, going, 'I don't know how to live a normal life,'" she said.

"My whole life was scheduled, and all of a sudden I'm like, "What do I do?"

Natasha went on to star in Celebrity Big Brother, where she reached the final with third place in 2015.

On stage, Natasha has wowed audiences in her role as Ms Johnstone in the West End production of Blood Brothers along with playing Cinderella at Southport Theatre.

In a recent post, Natasha also delightedly announced that she had qualified as an Unconscious Mind Therapist.

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