Peter Weber: Did He Secretly Impregnate Kelley Flanagan?!

Over the past two months, Bachelor fans have repeatedly been told that Peter Weber’s season will conclude with a wild twist ending.

And so, the theories and rumors are even crazier than ever this year, as viewers hold out hope that for once, Chris Harrison was telling the truth when he promised us the most dramatic season finale … ever!

Please note that there are no actual spoilers in this post, as no one actually knows how this season will end.

However, we will be discussing some of the more popular fan theories and evaluating their validity, so if you want to go into the final rose ceremony completely blind you may want to close this article, give your phone to a loved one for safekeeping, and spend next five days in bed.

As a bonus, it’s a pretty good way to avoid the coronavirus.

Anyway, the current consensus is that Peter winds up with Madison Prewett.

That may seem like a surprise, given the fact the considerable difference in values between these two (Peter: very much in favor of premarital banging; Madison: not so much), but if we know one thing about Peter, it’s that the man loves a challenge.

That’s probably why he continued to choose Victoria Fuller, even though she’d reliably sulk through every date, then accuse him of “being in a mood.”

So the Peter-Madison pairing would qualify as a surprise, but it’s hardly the shocking twist fans have been expecting.

Many viewers are still holding out hope for something really crazy, like the return of Hannah Brown, or Peter ending up with Julie LaPlaca …

… or the surprise reveal that Kelley Flanagan is pregnant with Peter’s baby.

Say what? you may have just exclaimed aloud. (If your co-workers ask, just tell them you’re reading about something important … like the coronavirus.)

Yes, believe it or not, that’s a theory that’s currently gaining traction on social media.

You might remember Kelley as the Chicago-based lawyer who was really confident that she was gonna make it to the hometown round … but then didn’t.

And you might also rememeber the rumors from earlier this year that Peter had impregnanted one of the contestants from this season.

If you watched Monday night’s “Women Tell All” episode, you probably noticed that Kelley was not in attendance.

There could be any number of reasons for her absence, but a surprisingly large segment of Bachelor Nation is convinced that Kelley sat this one out because she’s at home preparing to give birth to Peter’s baby.

The theory gets even more ridiculous when you learn that these people believe Kelley got knocked up not while the show was filming, but several months earlier when she and Peter randomly met in a hotel lobby.

To be clear, Peter and Kelley almost certainly banged during that chance meet-up that they both kept giggling about.

But the theory that Kelley was pregnant the whole time the show was filming, and Bachelor producers began hiding her in a bunker somewhere the moment she started showing?

Well, we’ll let Reality Steve do the explaining on this one:

“Really? When they met in AUGUST? You know, it’s March 4th right now, don’t you? This woman is 6 months pregnant?” the spoiler master wrote on his blog this week.

Some fans have pointed out that members of Peter’s family follow Kelley on Instagram, but they don’t follow Hannah Ann or Madison.

So obviously that means Peter and Kelley spent last weekend shopping for cribs, right? Take it away, Spoiler King:

“Stop it. Just stop. Save it. Peter is not with Kelley. Period. End of story,” Steve continued.

“Now we can use this as a lesson moving forward in future seasons. Just because someone’s family follows a contestant, it means absolutely nothing,” he added.

“Peter’s parents ONLY following Kelley and NO ONE else, and yet, Peter isn’t with Kelley. Lets put that silly social media theory to rest for good now.”

As for why Kelley wasn’t in attendance at WTA, Steve says there’s a simple reason for that:

Apparently, producers just didn’t like her.

Of course, that theory isn’t nearly as fun as a baby bump conspiracy theory, so keep doing what you do, Twitter!

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