Phillip Schofield slams ‘mean’ Matthew Wright for fat-shaming Friends cast

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Phillip Schofield lashed out at Matthew Wright for fat-shaming the cast of Friends on Thursday's instalment on ITV's This Morning.

The television presenter, 59, and his excited co-host Holly Willoughby, 40, were gushing over the iconic sitcom's eagerly anticipated reunion special when Matthew quipped: "You can see who's been eating all the pies, can't you?"

The show's hosts immediately gasped in shock, with Phil firing back: "Oh, you're so mean. Stop judging people so horribly. Look at your b****y ponytail!"

Holly echoed Phil's fury, telling Matthew that he was "so mean" for his comments on the American actors' physiques.

Matthew's jibe also caught the attention of numerous viewers, who were quick to offer their thoughts on social media.

One wrote: "So disappointed. Every person mentioned in the past five minutes has been judged on part on their appearance. It was JUST mental health awareness week. DO BETTER."

A second viewer noted: "You can see whose been eating all the pies? People aren't going to look the same as they did in their late 20s in their 50s."

Another person added: "Fat shaming on TV in 2021! Not cool Matthew Wright!!"

The Friends reunion special is set to be broadcast later this month and will see the six main stars reunite alongside numerous celebrity guests, including Nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai and former footballer David Beckham.

Matthew's comment comes after fans were given a glimpse behind the scenes of the long-awaited reunion with a new trailer.

Walking back onto Stage 24 at Warner Bros. studios, the former castmates are visibly taken aback by the site of meticulously recreated sets of a world they haven't visited in 17 years: Joey and Chandler's bachelor pad, Monica and Rachel's apartment, even Central Perk, where the thrift-store-find orange couch was always reserved for them.

The trailer is full of nostalgia for fans and shows the cast sitting down for an interview with British comedian James Corden and doing a table read of well-known scenes.

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