Piers Morgan: GMB host shares ‘heartbreaking’ message with fans amid coronavirus pandemic

Piers Morgan, 54, shared a moving message he received from a nurse in Wales, Nicky Waldron, in view of his 909,000 Instagram followers this morning. The nurse explained to the Good Morning Britain presenter that she had been left “heartbroken” after having to “say goodbye to her pregnant daughter” due to the risk of “passing anything on to her” as a result of the spread of COVID-19.

The government recently informed people that pregnant women are in the at-risk group for the virus.

While posting the nurse’s story, Piers took the opportunity to praise NHS workers for their “incredible sacrifice” during the coronavirus pandemic alongside a screenshot of the message. 

He wrote: “Got this message from a nurse in Wales named Nicky Waldron which shows the incredible sacrifice & dedication our NHS heroes are all showing right now. 

“Thanks Nicky & good luck to you, your daughter & everyone on the NHS frontline.”

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Got this message from a nurse in Wales named Nicky Waldron which shows the incredible sacrifice & dedication our NHS heroes are all showing right now. Thanks Nicky & good luck to you, your daughter & everyone on the NHS frontline.

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Nicky’s message read: “Hi Piers I know you won’t see this as you’ve millions of followers!! I’m a nurse working in one of the biggest A&Es in South Wales!

“Thank you for all the support you’re giving the NHS right now! It’s a pretty grim place to be!

“I’ve just said goodbye to my pregnant daughter who still lives at home! I’m not gonna see her for the foreseeable future as I don’t want to risk passing anything on to her! Absolutely heartbreaking for me!”(sic)

It continued: “But I will go to work 2moro and work my 12.5 hour shift and look after the vulnerable and COVID patients with very little lack of supplies.”(sic)

She concluded the message to Piers by writing: “Please keep entertaining us nurses! #NHS #PROUDNURSE #prayfornurses lots of love Nicola Swansea.”

Fans took to the comments section of Piers’ emotional post to share their views.

One person wrote: “Raise nurses’ wages, NOW!”

Another added: “We are SO very lucky to have the NHS and every single one of its amazing heroes working through this. Thank you! X.”

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A third fan commented: “That woman needs an hero award as do the other nurses and doctors doing everything they can to help through this crisis.”

Elsewhere, Piers clashed with Channel 4 presenter Kirstie Allsopp after she disagreed with him likening the outbreak to the “Spanish flu” of 1918.

It comes after the GMB host tweeted: “Seeing a lot of liberals & media getting very agitated by President Trump calling it the ‘Chinese Virus’. Yet everyone calls the last similar global pandemic ‘Spanish Flu.’ What’s the difference?”(sic)

Kirstie replied: “Here’s your answer. Make a list of words and phrases that were acceptable in 1920 and aren’t acceptable now, read them out on air, and then see how long it takes you to get fired.”


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Piers quizzed further: “So do we still call it Spanish Flu? I’m confused.”

Kirstie said: “Piers I hate it when you pretend to be confused about something you’re not at all confused about. You’re too bright, too liberal and too well followed to indulge in this type of thing.”

Their back and forth did not end there after the Location, Location, Location host criticised Piers for branding the virus “Chinese Flu”.

She wrote: “Calling it Chinese Flu could lead to xenophobic and racists attacks on people of Asian origin. Trump is calling it that because he wants to be able to pin the ‘blame’ on someone else. It’s a disgusting thing to do. If you don’t want to be patronised don’t be an a**e.”

Piers then hit back: “Oh Kirstie, you’re such an insufferable virtue-signaller. Are you still calling the 1918 pandemic ‘Spanish Flu’ when it didn’t even originate in Spain? If so, stop being so racist to Spaniards & pipe down.”

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