Pregnant Katy Perry Does The ‘Friday Song’ Car Dance Just Like Kanye West In Hilarious Video — Watch

Orlando Bloom filmed a very pregnant Katy Perry as she rolled out of the car and began doing this viral dance! The star looked ready to pop.

Katy Perry, 35, just hilariously channeled Kanye West‘s dance video! The very pregnant Smile singer was filmed by fiancée Orlando Bloom, 43, as she stepped out of an SUV then proceeded to dance alongside the slow-moving SUV. Katy was specifically jamming out to club-ready tune by Nightcrawlers as she showed off her beautiful baby bump! “Yo, honey what days is it? It’s Fri-ye-ye!” Orlando narrated in his Aug. 7 post, adding “Ayyyy what day is it?”

Ayyyy what day is it?

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Katy looked so cozy in her matching heather gray sweat outfit, featuring a cozy kangaroo pocket over her belly. Rocking a pair of black slides, she rolled up her hoodie to expose her belly and proved she’s got the moves — no matter how pregnant she is. Orlando and other voices could he heard cracking up in the background, and friends were dying in the comments. “Yes!!!!!” Scooter Braun commented, while Erin Foster added, “omg this is amazing and also scary.”

The video came just 30 minutes after Kanye tweeted a video of himself doing the same move with daughter North West, 7. “IT’S FRI-YE-YE!!!” Kanye wrote alongside the video, as wife Kim Kardashian, 39, could be heard giggling in the background. The video trend originated from a man named Mufasa who jumped out of his car for an energetic dance set to the tune Nightcrawlers’ dub remix of “Push The Feeling On.”

Katy is definitely looking ready to pop from her posts the last few days, including one on Aug. 6 where she hilariously said she was a “poopedstar.” Rocking another gray sweat outfit, the Santa Barbara native could be seen taking a rest on a gray chair in the middle of what appeared to be a baby store. She also noted “I’ve Had It” in her location, suggesting she’s definitely ready to welcome her baby girl ASAP.

“I feel like I’ve done the work and I’m still doing the work emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologically,” Katy said on Good Morning America back in May, after admitting she’s struggled with depression. “Now I’ve come to this light at the end of the tunnel, which means I am going to live and, not only that, I’m going to bring life into the world. So it ends in a positive place,” she also said.

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