Pregnant Olivia Bowen announces shes due to give birth to first child in summer

Love Island star Olivia Bowen has revealed to her 2.7 million Instagram followers that she’s due to give birth at some point this summer.

Olivia, 28, and her husband Alex, 30, who she met on the hit ITV2 show, announced the news on New Year’s Day that they wereexpecting their first child together, after having tied the knot in 2018.

The pair shared a photograph of a series of polaroids: one of Alex kissing Olivia tummy, another of a babygrow reading ‘Baby Bowen’ next to ultrasound pictures, and a third of the pair holding up a pair of tiny baby socks.

Alex and Olivia later melted people’s hearts with a video they created of themtelling their loved ones the exciting news.

While the couple have announced that they’re expecting, they haven’t disclosed how far along they are something which Olivia says they wanted to “keep between us and our families for now”.

The mum-to-be wrote alongside a selfie of her and Alex: “I’m just gonna answer my most asked question now, with how far along in pregnancy we are.

“We are due in the summer. It’s just a personal choice we have decided to keep this between us & our families for now. I’m sure you guys understand & thank you!”

“So yes, Summer baby!”, Olivia concluded.

Earlier this week, Olivia admitted that, while she and Alex are over the moon to be expecting,she feels a little “out of (her) depth”as she’s begun buying baby clothes.

Taking to Instagram, the star said: “I wanna buy things but then I think it makes it feel really real and I think it makes me realise like I’m out of my depth a little bit.

“Obviously I like to be in control so I like to know like what I’m doing and obviously this is something that you can’t really completely prepare for.”

Olivia added: “I’m very lucky because a few of my close friends have babies and they’ve been sending me lists letting me ask them the most invasive questions, so it definitely helps talking to them.”

Despite having support from her friends, Olivia admitted that she still finds the prospect of having a child as “daunting”.

“I think it is super daunting because it's literally a whole new world that I’ve never been interested in before, I’ve never really looked at before," she said.

Olivia added: "So it’s just this new everything — everything is new to me.

“I’m not good when I don’t know what I’m talking about, I find it really hard I just feel really out of control.

“Obviously, it’s such a nice feeling but it’s just so new.”

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