Prince George & Princess Charlotte will be home-schooled because of the pandemic

I swear, I heard something about how Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school – Thomas’s Battersea – had already closed down because of coronavirus and isolation and all, but I guess it didn’t happen last week or even this week. The UK is behind with their closing and cancellations, right? Because almost all schools (public, private, colleges) have suspended classes and are now offering online courses. But according to People Magazine, Thomas’s Battersea won’t be halfway closing their classes until next week. Which means Charlotte and George are going to be homeschooled, probably for the rest of the school year.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are set to continue their lessons at home after their school asked parents to remove their children amid the coronavirus pandemic. The royal children will now move to “remote learning” and continue their lessons using online sources next week, their school said in a statement on Wednesday.

Charlotte, 4, joined George, 6, at Thomas’s Battersea, last September, proudly entering with mom Kate Middleton and dad Prince William. With the semester set to have ended on March 26, they are only missing four days of class — and some of the other kids will still attend if their parents aren’t able to look after them during the day. A spokesperson for Thomas’s London Day Schools said, “Due to the increasing numbers of children and staff being absent from school due to the Coronavirus situation, Thomas’s London Day Schools have decided to move to remote learning from Friday 20 March.”

“From this date the curriculum will be taught through online learning platforms and we have asked parents to keep their children at home and to access their lessons through this system,” the statement continued. “This will ensure that children have continuity of learning when they are unable to attend school. In cases where families are not in a position to keep their children at home (such as those who are ‘front line staff’ in the medical profession, for example), the school will remain physically open until the last day of term, Thursday, 26 March. We appreciate the support of our school community as we continue to provide the best possible solution for our pupils during these challenging times.”

[From People]

That’s interesting that kids who won’t have parents at home will still be able to physically go to the school and be looked after and, presumably, taught. And the rest of the kids will be homeschooled by their parents or nannies. I don’t think for one minute that Kate will be homeschooling her kids. She’ll be too busy designing a button-covered log for a keen coronavirus charity. But Carole Middleton and Nanny Maria will definitely take care of it, right? Also: up until Prince Charles, most royal kids were “home-schooled” or privately tutored in a palace. This is not a new thing for royal kids, it’s actually a – gasp!! – Victorian/Edwardian throwback to how royal children were raised and educated. Kate probably loves that.

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