Prince Harry Gave RHODC Star Catherine Ommanney Most Passionate Kiss Despite 13-Year Age Gap

The ‘Real Housewives of D.C’ star also recalls when she was ‘absolutely speechless’ after the British royal, who’s now married to Meghan Markle, held her against the wall before they kissed.

AceShowbizCatherine Ommanney has opened up more about her brief romance with Prince Harry. In a new interview, The Real Housewives of D.C” star revealed that she had the most “passionate kiss of [her] life” with the British royal.

The 51-year-old reality TV star “mucked about” with the 38-year-old royal, who is now married to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and has children Archie, three and 17-month-old Lili with her, when he was 21 and ended up chatting with him “for ages.”

She said, “We went upstairs to the bathroom and started mucking about like teenagers, singing into toothbrushes like they were microphones. We got into the bath with our clothes on and one of our friends took a photo on my phone.” She added, “Harry and I went to the kitchen and he made a great bacon sandwich. We sat in the kitchen chatting for ages and we both had the giggles.”

“We started play fighting and I think we were wrestling on and off for about 15 minutes when I told him I needed to go home. It was then that he lifted me by my waist off the floor and held me against the wall. He gave me the most incredible, passionate kiss I have ever had in my life,” Catherine detailed, before confessing, “I was absolutely speechless.”

“We continued texting and I saw him again about a week later at a bar in Kensington. We had another kiss and Harry was very complimentary, telling me how beautiful I was,” Catherine added. “We met a few more times, always in private bars.”

The reality star, who was separated from ex-husband Stephen when she met Harry, went on to explain that she only had two more dates with Harry and did not see him again until 2009 but alleged that they “really fancied” each other and he would have been “perfect” if the age gap was smaller. She told The Sun, “Harry pushed past his bodyguards to give me a kiss and a hug and we had a great conversation. In hindsight it’s a shame we couldn’t have remained friends. I had the time of my life when I was with Harry as we got each other’s sense of humor. Without being arrogant, I think we both quite fancied each other even though he was way too young for me. If he wasn’t a royal and was maybe ten years older, he would be my perfect man.”

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