Prince Harry & William’s relationship is ‘forever changed,’ Harry isn’t looking back

Clearly, the biggest gossip story going around is still Sussexit, and the icy drama that went down on Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey. I’ve been enjoying all of your theories about what went down behind the scenes, and whether Prince Charles told William and Kate to sit the f–k down and stop being petty a–holes. As cathartic as it is to imagine that happening, I have doubts. I don’t believe the cover story, of course, because that was what Willileaks and his office gave to Becky English at the Mail, that being that William and Kate selflessly agreed to step aside so that the “emotional” Sussexes wouldn’t feel snubbed. Horsesh-t. That wouldn’t explain the cold greeting between the couples AT ALL. Maybe we’ll never know, or we’ll never know anything beyond the Willileaks lie. One thing we do know: the brothers’ relationship will never be the same after all of this.

Prince Harry and Prince William will always be brothers, but their bond has been tested in recent years. The rift between the siblings first emerged when William cautioned his younger brother against moving too fast in his relationship with Meghan Markle. Now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided to step down from their royal roles — effective at the end of March — and the dynamic between Prince William and Prince Harry will never be the same, says an insider.

The brother’s relationship is “forever changed,” a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “They won’t get back to the way they were. Harry is looking straight ahead at his future with his family.”

The insider adds that Prince Harry and his wife plan to spend time in California, Meghan’s home state, and Canada with their 10-month-old son Archie. “He’s not looking back,” the source says.

Prince William and Prince Harry were just 15 and 12 when their mother, Princess Diana, died — and she hoped they would always stay close. “One thing Diana said was, ‘Please, whatever happens, remember you always have each other, and I want you always to stick together.’ And clearly that can’t happen for a long time,” says Ingrid Seward, a veteran royal biographer who knew the late princess.

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I hate that Diana’s memory is being used as a cudgel against Harry, like IF ONLY Harry hadn’t been so emotional and if only he hadn’t married that horrid American, then he could have hung around and been William’s doormat for eternity, LIKE DIANA WANTED. Diana didn’t want that. Diana worried about William’s temperament too, and she always thought Harry had the better temperament to be king. But most of all, she worried that the royal system and the Men In Grey would chew up her sons. Those Men In Grey only chose to chew up one of her sons.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has another suspicious “exclusive” about what the Duchess of Sussex actually thinks about all the sh-t that went down. These DM exclusives always have the feel of some Royal Rota reporter just making halfway educated guesses.

Meghan Markle has told close friends that her farewell tour in the UK is ‘confirmation’ that she and Prince Harry ‘made the right choice in parting ways’ with the royal family, can reveal. Meghan told her inner circle of friends that her last trip as a senior royal has been ‘bittersweet’ but she was ‘eager to get back home to Archie’ before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially walk away from the monarchy on March 31.

‘She said [the trip] has been a confirmation that they made the right choice in parting ways. There’s no warmth between the family members and she wants to raise Archie in a household that is filled with laughter and joy and lots of hugs,’ a close friend of Meghan told ‘It’s still weird to her that no one hugs and that everyone is so uptight, especially Kate. She said it’s obvious that Kate and William do not approve of their choices and that you could cut the tension with a knife. Kate barely even looked at her and their interaction was kept to a bare minimum.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Yep. This is what I keep saying when people (unnamed sources) are like “oh, it’s bittersweet” and “oh, Meghan and Harry are so sad.” Harry is flat-out PISSED. He’s angry as hell, not sad. And Meghan is blissed out, knowing that they don’t have to deal with these dry charisma-vacuums for another year.

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