Prince Philip could stay in the hospital for another six weeks & you know who to blame

As we discussed, Prince Philip was transferred to another hospital yesterday, St. Bart’s, which specializes in cardiac issues. Philip apparently has a preexisting heart condition which has possibly been exacerbated by the infection he’s still battling. The Daily Mail suggests that Philip could be in the hospital for another four to six weeks. The Queen has still not visited her husband:

Members of the Royal Family are ‘united in prayer’ today as Prince Philip started his first full day in Britain’s top cardiology hospital where he could stay for up to six weeks. Philip was transferred to nearby St Bartholomew’s Hospital, where he is to undergo testing and observation for a pre-existing heart condition, Buckingham Palace said. The hospital boasts the UK’s largest heart centre and is the biggest centre of excellence for adults with congenital heart disease. It is already the longest hospital stay of his life, and he could be there until April if he has an infection in his heart that requires intravenous antibiotics.

A royal source told the Mirror: ‘The staff and all the Royal Family are united in their prayers for the Duke. There has been an almighty and collective effort to keep him and the Queen safe during the coronavirus crisis over the past 11 months but there was a significant shift in the mood when everyone started finding out the Duke wasn’t coming home any time soon’.

And with just a few days until Harry and Meghan’s two-hour tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey is broadcast in the US, the insider added: ‘Everyone’s thoughts are now firmly centred on him pulling through this illness’.

Remarkably, the Queen, 94, has carried on working throughout her husband of 73 years’ hospital stay. Last night Buckingham Palace issued new footage of her smiling and laughing as she took part in a virtual statue unveiling with Australian officials from Windsor last week – the epitome of public service in the face of extreme personal pressure. The monarch, who will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee next year, took part in her first video call to Australia with the Governor of South Australia, His Excellency the Hon. Hieu Van Le, and the Hon. Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia, last Wednesday.

The Queen also heard from the Governor about the recovery from drought and bushfires in the area at the start of 2020, and from the Premier about how cooperation between health services, police, government – and the resilience of the Australian people – has been instrumental in their frontline response to the Covid pandemic. Later they were joined by sculptor Robert Hannaford as she unveiled a new statue of herself recently installed in the grounds of Government House.

On seeing the statue, the monarch exclaimed giggling: ‘Oh really! I think possibly it might be quite alarming to suddenly see it out of the window – you’d think, gracious, has she arrived unexpectedly?’

[From The Daily Mail]

Just so we’re clear, the British papers are bashing Harry and Meghan for a pre-recorded interview which is set to air during Philip’s third week of hospitalization, all while Philip’s wife of 72 years has not visited him once, and spent time on Zoom looking at a statue of herself.

I was going to follow this up by excerpting from this patronizing Richard Kay piece at the Daily Mail, all about how Harry should force CBS to ditch the Oprah interview because of Phil’s hospitalization… an interview which Harry and Meghan have already recorded. But it’s too dumb. Kay compares Harry’s life with Philip’s life and of course suggests that Harry has never had anything to complain about, regardless of the wildly different roles the two men were undertaking. Kay then claims that Diana “had friends who were journalists — I was one of them — and despite the provocation, she never once described the media as ‘toxic’ as Harry did…” Are you joking? Kay argues: “It’s too late for Harry now, the interview is in the can. But maybe there is still time for some nobility. Out of respect to his grandfather, might Harry see if Oprah will reschedule? It surely can’t hurt to ask.” Sure. Harry should only ask CBS to reschedule when the Queen asks the BBC to reschedule her sad little Commonwealth Competition Program.

Again, it’s worth noting: if Buckingham Palace still wanted to exert control over Harry and Meghan and what they were doing, surely the Palace should have accepted their half-in, half-out offer?

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