Raiven Adams Gives Birth! Bear Brown Suddenly Denies Paternity!

Earlier this year, Raiven Adams was granted a protective order against Bear Brown, whom she accused of making threats and using cocaine.

Now, she has given birth to her baby prematurely, but the Alaskan Bush People star is suddenly claiming that he is not the father. WTF?

At 7:15 in the morning on Monday, March 9, Raiven Adams gave birth to her first child.

The baby boy, whom she has named River Anthony, weighed in at 4 pounds and 15 ounces.

This weight is considered underweight for a newborn.

Notably, this is weeks before her April due date. Raiven was having contractions as early as last month.

On the same day that she welcomed the birth of her precious baby, Raiven also made two curious decisions.

She dropped her short-term protective order against Bear.

Raiven also dissolved her application for a long-term restraining order against him.

This is a curious decision, as with rare exceptions, people who file such orders do not suddenly stop needing them.

There is no evidence to suggest that Bear attended River’s birth.

According to social media evidence, he has spent recent days outdoors, building fires.

He has shared that he has been camping.

In fact, despite being active on his private Instagram all week, he has yet to publicly acknowledge this special event.

Even more bizarrely, Bear did at least one thing that wasn’t spending time in the Washington outdoors.

On Thursday, March 12, just three days after his son was born, Bear went to the courthouse.

With the help of his attorney, he filed a Petition to Disestablish Paternity.

He paid the $250 filing fee. Records indicate that Raiven was then notified.

In other words, it appears that Bear is going to try to sever all of his parental responsibilities in family court.

According to our research, a Petition to Disestablish Paternity requires Bear to state why he claims that he is not the father.

Which means that he must submit in writing some sort of reasonable belief that River was fathered by someone else.

That’s going to be very weird … because multiple times on social media last year, he insisted that he was absolutely the father.

We imagine that a simple paternity test should prove or disprove matters very easily.

Based upon multiple statements by Raiven and Bear, there is no known reason to suspect that River isn’t Bear’s son.

This filing could mean that Bear genuinely believes that Raiven must have cheated or gotten pregnant when they weren’t together.

But we cannot read his mind.

This is an odd situation, to be sure, and may not look good for Bear if a paternity test proves that he is, in fact, the baby daddy.

At the same time, we remain mystified that Raiven would drop the protective order altogether.

She accused Bear of threatening her with firearms, raging at her with verbal and emotional abuse, and generally toxic behavior.

In addition to accusing him of using cocaine, her official statement to the court implied that Bear endangered her life more than once.

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