Ralf Little: Death In Paradise star sells £115k car after previously sparking major row

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Death In Paradise star Ralf Little, 40, rose to fame as teenager Antony in The Royal Family, going on to appear in comedy sketch Two Pints of Lager and a Packet Of Crisps and now portrays quirky Detective Inspector in the popular BBC murder mystery drama. But all his hard work paid off and he revealed he was able to buy himself a stunning electric sports car, which he then reluctantly sold in 2019.

Turns out Tesla drivers are kinda d****, huh

Ralf Little

His BMW i8 cost around £115,000, but it was worth the thrill of owning the black and white beast.

However, Ralf was left heartbroken after he shared the news with this Instagram followers that he had had to sell it, as part of “growing up”.

“Sad day today – sold the car and sent it on its way,” he wrote at the time.

“All good things come to an end #car #hybridcar #ecofriendly #poser.”

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He followed up the caption with a sly message, which read: “Growing up is boring.”

But before he went through the heartache of selling his gull-winged sports machine, he admitted he had caused quite a stir after he was berated for parking in an electric car parking space.

Two furious motorists had left notes on the actor’s windshield, criticising him for parking in a charging bay, despite his car being electric.

One driver, who he believed to be a the owner of a Tesla, wrote: “VERY UNPOLITE TO PARK HERE!”

“By the way your car is not an electric but just a stupid hybrid show off.”

And if one wasn’t enough, the second stroppy message written by a different driver, agreed.

“Your license plate has been reported to management for parking where it is not allowed,” the it read.

“It’s one thing dreaming owning of a Tesla, it’s another thing having a s****y hybrid!”

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Not phased by the rude words of strangers, Ralf took to Twitter to hit back at the anonymous people who had left the notes.

“Haha management said it was ok to park in one of the (many going spare) Tesla charging spaces, even though I drive a BMW hybrid,” he tweeted, alongside an image of the two messages.

He added: “Turns out Tesla drivers are kinda d***s, huh?”

But he quickly clarified: “Some, not all, obviously.”

Fans were quick to defend the actor, with one saying: “People are so angry about everything!

“They must be exhausted,” another tutted.

Another fumed: “So this must mean electric car driving hippies cannot park in non electric car spaces then as they are unpoluting the air us poluters have strived so hard to destroy.”

“Driver of stupid hybrid probably knows it’s “impolite” though,” a third joked.

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