Raven Symone to host home design spinoff of ‘What Not to Wear’

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If you were fans of What Not to Wear and are addicted to home makeover shows, then you are in for a treat. Raven Symone (yes that Raven), a self-professed home design enthusiast, is teaming up with HGTV for a What Not to Wear-esque interior design show. It is tentatively titled What Not to Design. I am not sure about that title, it is definitely a mouth full, but the premise is on brand with HGTV. According to People’s writeup on the show, Raven and a team of experts will be helping homeowners renovate and redesign. Raven and her team will provide them with guidelines to use when picking out furniture and decor. They will also help homeowners sell their unwanted items to assist with the cost of the renovation. Below are a few more details from People:

Raven Symone… has teamed up with HGTV to create a pilot tentatively titled What Not to Design, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal, a home-focused take on the popular TLC reality series What Not to Wear, which starred fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly and ended in 2013.

“Style mistakes are not confined to clothing,” Symoné said in a press release. “Bad design prevents people from living well and truly enjoying their homes. My team and I are determined to show what to do — and what not to do — to create beautiful spaces.”

“To call these homes eclectic would be kind,” Symoné continued. “We’re going to give families a clean slate and show them how to style their new space and apply the “to-do” and “not-to-do” list to the rest of the house.”

Much like on What Not to Wear, the team of experts will take the homeowners under their wing and give them a top-to-bottom makeover, upgrading both their homes and their quality of life in the process. They’ll start by helping them go through their possessions and deciding what’s worth keeping, what should be thrown away and what can be sold online to add money to their reno budget.

Once that’s done, the properties will be emptied out completely — stripped of carpet, drapes, wallpaper — and made brand new, giving the subjects a fresh start in a beautiful space that truly feels like home.

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I am not necessarily a fan of Raven Symone but I was a huge fan of What Not to Wear and Stacey London. I also love home design shows so I just may check this out. I am not feeling the name of the show as it doesn’t flow. Plus it is relying too much on a loose association with a popular show instead of standing on its own merits. As someone who believes that our surroundings affect our outlook, I appreciate shows about transformation through home design. That being said, home decor shows have saturated the market. I love Queer Eye and this sounds similar.

How does HGTV plan to set this show apart, are they relying on Raven’s personality? If so good luck to them. Most home decor shows don’t have millennial or BIPOC hosts. There’s so much good home design content on YouTube like Mr. Kate, Lone Fox and Alexander Gater. Good luck to Raven on her new show. It will be interesting to see her knowledge of reno projects and home decor.

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