Ryan Seacrest Shares Footcare Routine After Kelly Ripa Shows Off His Feet

Ryan Seacrest is sharing the secret to his immaculate feet, so grab a pen and paper to take some notes … if “gawgeous” dogs are your thing.

Ryan joined us Thursday on “TMZ Live” and we asked him about his footcare routine after his co-host Kelly Ripa sent folks into a frenzy with a video of his little piggies.

So, why are folks all gaga over Ryan’s feet? We gotta say, he gave us a close-up, and this one might be more mesmerizing than the view Ripa got. Plus, we got Seacrest to reveal the skincare secret he applies to his feet. Watch and learn!

Ryan also tells us he didn’t even know Kelly was shooting video when he stopped by her dressing room the other morning, and she started interviewing his feet like one of their guests.

He says the whole obsession is ridiculous — but he was still a good sport and spilled the beans on how he ended up with such sweet feet.

Something tells us a certain fetish crowd has a new idol.

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