Shannon Beador Praised by Boyfriend in Gushing Birthday Tribute

Shannon Beador has had a major falling out with Tamra Judge and has even had to clap back at her own fans.

But boyfriend John Janssen is a constant source of affirmation.

On March 24, John Janssen honored Shannon on her 56th birthday with a gushing post filled with praise.

Our connection and chemistry are what people dream about,” he gushed on his private Instagram.

You are my person,” John wrote.

He described Shannon as “the one I was meant to be with, the one that makes me feel whole.”

The pair of them met in June.

“I started falling in love with you almost immediately,” John confessed.

“And my love has grown ever stronger,” he affirmed, “as our time together has flown by.”

‘I find myself thinking and wondering at times if this is real,” John admited.

John then asked himself: “how did I get so blessed?”

“Then I look into your beautiful eyes,” he wrote.

He expressed: “And know it IS real and it is how our world should be.

You are such an amazing woman,” John praised, “and you surprise me every day.”

“I have never believed that a woman could be so loving, generous, intelligent, creative, determined,” John expressed.

He continued, describing Shannon as “funny, fun loving, hardworking, successful, down to earth, nurturing, protective, loyal, encouraging.”

John marveled that Shannon could be all of these things “and have my back no matter what.”

“Then I met you; you are all of that and more,” he gushed.

The timing was bad and made no sense to either of us or to any of our friends and family,” John recalled.

“I was not in the right frame of mind to meet anyone,” he admitted, “and was just trying to get my balance.”

“You were not looking for a relationship,” John wrote, “but rather were just spending time and having fun with friends”

He remembered that Shannon was in such a state “after an emotional two years of ending your marriage.”

“But once we were introduced,” John said, “something inside me knew that I had to talk to you.

We started with encouraging texts that warmed my heart,” he raved.

“And then,” he described, “phone calls for hours that flowed so effortlessly.”

“And then came the group date,” he added with a tone of significance.

“I took you and a friend of ours out to dinner,” John described.

He recalled: “The night ended with you and I singing karaoke duets at the Elks club.”

“And then,” he narrated, “talking one on one until the Elks staff told us they needed to lock up.”

“Since that night,” John stated, “you and I have been inseparable, literally.”

“I have never in my life spent so much concentrated time with anyone,” he raved.

“I never tire of you,” John affirmed, “but rather thrive in your company.

That is good, because the two of them are sheltering in place together during this dreadful pandemic.

You are my best friend,” John declared, “and the woman I can not live without.”

“Happy birthday!!!!!” he gushed. “I love you with all of my heart and soul. You are my forever and ever amen.

“Love, John,” he signed his post.

Last year, Shannon’s birthday was celebrated with a somewhat raunchy dinner out.

Now, restaurants are empty except for their essential staff, and Shannon’s birthday tradition needed to change.

This year, she picked up her birthday meal, curbside.

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