Sooo, Machine Gun Kelly Reportedly Wants to Start a Family With Megan Fox Someday

Been a while since we’ve heard from our favorite “twin flames,” no? Well here’s an update: Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s relationship is still thriving, in case you were wondering—they’re actually super close to getting engaged (though an actual time frame is TBD), and MGK wants Megan to be the mother of his children. Much to discuss!

Like Bennifer, Megan and MGK “are pretty inseparable” at the moment. So much so that there’s a huge chance that Megan will join MGK for his Tickets to My Downfall tour in early September. “Assuming all continues to go well, it’s looking likely that [Megan] will join him on tour,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “Not full time, but you can expect her to be around, and there’s no question about that.”

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