Stacey Solomon hits back at trolls after she picked up toys with her feet insisting they were clean

Stacey Solomon loves to do things her way and if that means picking up her children’s toys with her feet to have a bit of fun then so be it.

However, choosing to tidy up with her toes instead of her hands became a cause for concern for some of her followers and they voiced their opinion to the Loose Women star who swiftly hit back.

Calling out her trolls, who she has nicknamed ‘Susans’, Stacey mockingly laughed as she confirmed she had thoroughly sanitised her feet before using them to clean up.

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“Tidy up time and to jazz it up, I’m giving myself the foot challenge,” Stacey said over a video of her expertly flinging toys into a basket with just her toes.

And even a fairly difficult toy cube made it into the pile with the mum-of-three using both of her feet in a trick-shot, and then cheering herself on.

“Yes! Smashed it!” Stacey said, before adding more toys into the basket adding that they were a challenge.

But, with the chaos of the coronavirus appearing to rest heavy on some of her followers’ minds, it wasn’t long before Stacey revealed she had been flooded with messages about her foot hygiene.

With the NHS advising us to wash hands for at least 20 seconds long, Stacey reassured her followers that she had done the same for her feet.

Talking directly to her trolls Stacey said: “Rest assured Susan that I washed my feet to the full version of Happy Birthday and included an extra verse of hip-hip-hooray just to be on the safe side.”

Giggling away with a sleeping Rex on her chest, she added: “Sleep well Susan, sleep well!”

It comes not long after Stacey revealed that one of her trolls regularly messages her privately to say that her laugh “gives them migraines”.

She took to her Instagram Stories to address the culprit directly while she was in the bath enjoying a relaxing soak.

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“To the person who keeps commenting on every story that I laugh, which is like every story…" before breaking out in a giggle.

She continued: "Saying how much my laugh grates on them, really annoys them, and hurts their head, gives them a migraine…

"The best thing I can advise you guys is stop sending me hilarious messages that just crack me up!"

"You're just making it worse for yourself," she added, laughing to herself.

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