Stormi Webster, 2, Gets Sassy With Mom Kylie Jenner While Playing With Chalk — Watch

It looks like Stormi Webster might be showing some signs of the ‘terrible twos’! In new videos shared by her mom, Kylie Jenner, the toddler showed off her sassy side.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster have the most special bond, but it looks like Stormi is starting to get a little more comfortable with talking back to her famous mom! Kylie posted sweet new videos of the two-year-old on her Instagram Story on March 6. In the videos, Stormi is playing with chalk in the backyard, while Kylie quizzes her on the colors of each piece. However, Stormi doesn’t want to take part in the academic game, and instead, seemingly wants to just gather all the chalk for herself.

“What color is this?” Kylie asks, while showing Stormi a purple stick of chalk. “No!” Stormi responds. Kylie keeps her cool, and says back, “No!? I’ve never heard of that color.” Eventually, Stormi gives in and tells her mom the correct answer. Then, Kylie tries again with a yellow piece of chalk, which Stormi tries to grab from her hand, while guessing that it’s the color red. “That’s not red!” Kylie says, while giving up the chalk. “You know what color this is.” Stormi isn’t having it, though. “MINE!” she tells her mom, while adding the yellow chalk to her pile.

Luckily, it seems like Stormi’s sassy attitude is few and far between, because in Kylie’s next set of videos, the toddler is back to playing nice while on her play set in the backyard. Plus, just earlier this week, Kylie shared videos of a MUCH sweeter interaction between the pair. While sitting by the pool, an inquisitive Stormi asked her mom endless questions about what was going on around them, and Kylie gladly answered.

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It’s no secret that Kylie is absolutely obsessed with her daughter. One of her favorite things to do is dress in matching outfits with Stormi, which she often shows off on social media. Just the other day, the mom/daughter duo were twinning in matching pajamas, and Kylie shared a series of selfies of them in the look.

Of course, Kylie is still a 22-year-old woman, and while she’s totally dedicated to Stormi, she also makes time for her friends and for fun. She went out two nights in a row this week to celebrate her friend, Victoria’s, birthday. The outings made headlines since Drake was also in attendance at both parties. In the fall of 2019, Kylie and Drake were briefly romantically linked after her split from Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott. However, they each left the club separately on both nights that they were out together this week.

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