Sweden’s Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel are terrible at social distancing

For days now, people have been yelling at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their absolutely ridiculous photo-op at an emergency call center in the middle of a global pandemic. While William and Kate didn’t shake hands with anyone, they didn’t do social distancing, and they, you know, did a completely unnecessary photo-op for their own PR purposes and possibly put vital first-responder healthcare workers at risk of exposure. I honestly thought that maybe it could be a teachable moment for royals all around: please don’t do this. But the Swedish royals had another idea.

Here are photos of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The Royal Institute is researching tests – and a vaccine, one would assume – for the coronavirus. I was looking through these photos with growing horror. These are scientists and doctors and the work they’re doing is vital, timely and necessary. And… they had to stop doing their work so Vicky and Daniel could stop by and stand too close to them? SOCIAL DISTANCE, ROYALS.

I don’t really understand why royals keep insisting on “keeping a public schedule” or leaving their palaces to do events. Think outside the box, princes and princesses. Do Instagram videos of fun home-activities to do. Create a reading list or a binge-watch list. Show some easy games you play with your kids. Make videos about hand-washing and social distancing. Basically, act as responsible public servants because that’s what you are. Why is this so hard for so many of them?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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